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THE GREAT HUNT Four Month Countdown!

In four months the first book in my brand new 2-book duology will be publishing! Today I'm sharing three things with you--a teaser from the story, the maps, and how you can order signed copies! The Great Hunt is a high fantasy with princesses, magic, monsters, and hunters. The main character, Princess Aerity, is a studious girl who enjoys aerial silk acrobatics. In this teaser Aerity is on her silks during the night when the hunter Paxton Seabolt finds her…

Excerpt from The Great Hunt, coming March 8, 2016

Aerity had never felt more nervous in her life as he made his slow approach. She wasn’t accustomed to feeling this way, her body out of sorts, her thoughts scattered. She was glad to have the silks to cling to.

Paxton took his time. Aerity thought she should say something, perhaps a witty quip, but she was afraid she’d sound breathless. She didn’t want him to know how he affected her. He walked a circle around her, moving nearer, his eyes scrutinizing every element in that curious way of his. Aerity kept very still. No lad other than Harrison had dared to get this close. He stopped in front of her and looked skyward. His eyes trailed up the silks to the ceiling and he reached up, his fingers and palm wrapping around the smooth fabric, feeling his way down. When he got to her hand he let go, never touching her.

“I wonder,” he said quietly. His eyes roamed over her hair and face, her robe cinched at the waist. If he thought she looked silly he didn’t show it.

“You wonder what?” She was horrified to hear that she indeed sounded as breathless as she was. Curses.

Paxton’s hand drifted over the hair at her shoulder, his fingers gathering a mass of light red strands and winding them gently about his palm until her long tresses were a loose knot around his strong hand. She could feel the light tug at her scalp as his fist slightly tightened. Her chest fluttered at the sight of his thumb running back and forth over the taut hair there. She suddenly wished she could feel that caress.

These books, guys, they are very different for me, and they've been challenging and fulfilling to me as a writer in ways I never could have expected. Creating an entire world, a continent with five kingdoms, was surreal. And I'm absolutely THRILLED to be able to share the final maps that will be in the book! OMGosh, I wrote a book with maps!!!

Left is a closeup of the kingdom of Lochlanach, where the story takes place. Top right is the entire continent of Eurona with all five kingdoms. Bottom right is a closeup of the Royal Lands of Lochlanach.

I'm so eager to have this book in your hands, friends. It's going to be my first EVER book in hardback, which is yet another dream-come-true made possible by your support. Thank you.


Okay, this is awesome. I'm doing an event on February 27th in Savannah, Georgia called ApollyCon. So many amazing authors will be there. If you are close enough to travel, please go. You will not regret it! If you are too far to travel, I have good news. You can order autographed, personalized copies of all of my books, including The Great Hunt (and books from the other attending authors) though their virtual signing website!!! And the sales are open Internationally! Yes, they can deliver worldwide! I cannot wait to sign and hug all of your books. And to those of you who will be there in person, my publisher has approved to have early copies of The Great Hunt at the event for sale, ten days before publication! This makes me want to happy dance all over the place!

For those of you who want to preorder via other venders, here are purchase links, plus links to other fun stuff! Big hugs, Sweeties.

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