Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Another Kai Teaser? You Got it!

Two. More. Months. Oh my great goodness! Only two months until Kaidan's story hits shelves!!

You have lots of preorder options for this book, including receiving a signed copy from my local bookstore within a week of the publication date! All preorder information will be at the end of this post.

Teaser Time!!!

SPOILER ALERT!! Remember Anna's first kiss in the hotel room? Well, here is the aftermath from Kaidan's point of view. Enjoy. ;)

She grunts with frustration and throws a pillow at me. It's probably the angriest she's ever been in her life. I raise an eyebrow to see how much madder I can make her. "Pillow fight?"

She wants to scream. I can see it in her rigid, huffing demeanor, but she takes a cleansing breath and deflates a notch.

Nice trick. If only I could do that. I've got some parts that could use deflating.

"Get off my bed," she orders. "Please. I'm ready to go to sleep."

That's a load of bollocks. She's not tired. She's as filled with passion as I am, but she's too bloody good to embrace it. Her self-control burns me up. I want her to throw a wobbly and break things. Then pounce on me.

But seriously. We should be naked.

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How to Order Signed Copies from my 
Local Bookstore:

To order autographed copies of Sweet Evil, Sweet Peril, Sweet Reckoning, or Sweet Temptation, call AFK Books & Records at (757)962-1996! They are super nice and they'll process everything over the telephone. Sorry, but the store does not have a secure online ordering form at this time, so orders must be made via phone. You may request a personalization for the autographs when you call. Books are $9.99 each. I will go to the store to sign your book(s)!

Every Sweet book purchased from AFK Books will include a signed Sweet series bookmark, and every copy of Sweet Temptation will include a hott Kai button/pin! Unfortunately the store can only ship to U.S. addresses at this time, sorry to my Sweeties far and wide (but I think the Apollycon event in February 2016 will be taking international orders for signed books, so I will post details for that when it's time!)

(Please note that if Sweet Temptation is part of your order, your order will not be shipped until after publication on September 8th, unless you want to pay more than one shipping fee of $4.99 USPS Priority Mail. You won't be billed until the order ships.)

Thank you so much for your support, Sweeties!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I adore author Gena Showalter and her Alice in Zombieland books, so I'm thrilled to take part in her cover reveal today for the 4th book in this series, A Mad Zombie Party. And good news, it's releasing just around the corner!!

Releasing September 29th, 2015!!

The battle rages on.

Ali Bell and Cole Holland's crew of zombie slayers thought they'd won the war against Anima Industries, the evil company responsible for capturing and experimenting on zombies in an effort to discover the secret to immortality. In the last epic clash, the slayers lost many of their crew and closest friends. But Frosty, the ice man himself, has not recovered from one casualty in particular—the love of his life, Kat Parker.

On the path to self-annihilation, Frosty receives a message from beyond—Kat's spirit returns, insisting he partner with rogue slayer Camilla Marks. Frosty will do anything for Kat. Except that. Camilla is the one who betrayed them all, leading to Kat's death. But when Anima rises from the grave to become a force the slayers may not have the strength to overcome, Frosty, Camilla and all the slayers will have to work together to survive. And one broken slayer will learn that sometimes, the line between hate and attraction is blurred…and the road to redemption isn't through revenge, but in letting go of the past and grabbing hold of the future.



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