Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kaidan's SWEET TEMPTATION Playlist!!

Last year when I wrote Sweet Temptation I wanted to highlight a "Now Playing on Kaidan's Playlist" song at the beginning of each chapter, seeing as how Kai Rowe is the drummer in a rock band, and his life  & moods seem to revolve around music.  I needed help finding plenty of Kai-inspired music and you guys came to the rescue!  The majority of the songs featured in the book are reader-chosen and I can't thank you enough.  Even my husband's suggestions made it into the lineup!  :)  It is my hopes that you will go out and buy these songs to support the artists.  I just bought them all today, and I want to share the list with you.  This list is in chronological order of when they appear in the book.  It is subject to change in the last stages of editing (it's already had to change quite a bit from the tentative list I posted last year) but there's a good chance this will be the final list.  Yay!  I LOVE IT.  The only song mentioned in the book that's not on the playlist is "Trouble" by Taylor Swift, because that song was being hummed by Anna, so it would be on her playlist, not Kai's.  (And no, I haven't made an official playlist for Anna yet - sorry guys.)

Thanks again, sweeties!!!  Much love and many hugs!  Enjoy…

*Artist for Let It Rock is Kevin Rudolph

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