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Wholly Moley, this week is going to be epically SWEET for giveaways!!! 

First, the basics--some information, because many have asked.

Wait, there's a 4th book in the Sweet Evil series??? I thought it was only a trilogy!

Yes, there is a fourth book! It's a companion novel ALL from Kaidan Rowe's point of view! Sweet Temptation has bits of the entire trilogy so we can finally find out what Kai was up to before he met Anna, and during those times when they were apart. You don't have to read the trilogy to understand this book, but it will enrich the experience to know Anna's story first, methinks.

What is an ARC?

ARC stands for Advanced Review Copy, printed for pre-publication publicity purposes within the U.S. They are also known as "Proofs" or "Galleys." Not all publishers print ARCs. Some post e-galleys and some don't do advanced copies at all. ARCs are printed mid-edits, so they are not the finished product. They contain errors and content that might change before the final publication, but they give early reviewers a good idea of the story. ARCs go out to libraries, booksellers, book events, and select reviewers. They are not for sale, and frankly it's hard to get your hands on them. Even us authors are only given a small amount.

Will there be e-galleys of Sweet Temptation?

No. I requested that the publisher not put ST on edelweiss or any of those sites because my only book that was ever offered on those sites was pirated immediately. Thousands of people obtained Sweet Reckoning for free, illegally, months before it was published. That is not okay to me. It might only be one "reviewer" out of thousands on the site who pirate the books, but that is all it takes. I'm sorry that there are a few who ruin it for the masses. I'm truly, truly sorry not to offer the book to my foreign reviewers, but I hope you will understand. I have no control over whether the books are pirated after publication, but if I can stop them from being stolen before it's even out, then I will. 

How can I get an ARC, then?

I'm not certain which events the ARCs will be given away at, but I have two ways for you to win one this week!

TWEETSTAKES: If you've never done one of these, prepare your heart because it's likely to beat out of your chest! Monday, March 30th, at 9:00 PM EST we will tweet for 15 minutes with a certain hashtag (to be announced just before the Tweetstakes begins). The publisher is offering Sweet Temptation ARCs to 5 lucky winners with U.S. mailing addresses. Here's how it works: Just before 9pm on Monday night I will tweet the hashtag. You have 15 minutes to tweet with that hashtag as many times as you please. I will refresh my screen 5 times, and the tweeter on top each time is a winner. At 9:15 I will announce that the Tweetstakes has ended, and I'll post winner names as quickly as I can, usually within 10 minutes. It's super exciting!

TRAVEL TO AN UPCOMING EVENT: I will be giving away one ARC at the Roanoke, VA event and one at the St. Louis, MO event! Click on the "Events" tab above to see event details! (Not sure exactly how I will work those giveaways - maybe a free raffle - I'll let you know at the events.) I'm signing at BEA too, but I'm not sure yet if it will be Sweet Temptation or one of the earlier books.

INTERNATIONAL BLOG GIVEAWAY: I am also doing a giveaway here on my blog today, and this one is open internationally!!! The Rafflecopter form below is for all of these prizes. Winners will be emailed and shown on the Rafflecopter form at the end. You can enter by logging in through Facebook or using your email (please do not use another person's email, only your own).

Kaidan Prize Pack!!!
1 autographed Sweet Temptation ARC
Large and medium Kai buttons
Drumstick pencils
4 signed Sweet Series bookmarks
Victoria Secret perfume (discontinued scent called Sweet Temptation!)
Purple polish

7 Autographed Bookmark Bundles:
4 Sweet Series bookmarks
1 See Me bookmark
1 Drop Card with link & code to get the prologue and first chapter of Sweet Temptation!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, Sweeties!!! *huggles*

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

SEE ME New Cover, Sale, and Giveaway!

I've been keeping seeeeecrets! Working together with artist Jennifer Munswami, I have a new cover to reveal for See Me! My coming-of-age Irish fantasy is on sale for $1.99 during St. Patrick's week! :) The sale price will go from now until Friday, March 20th.

Also, the book has been re-edited and will be re-published as a second edition as soon as it's approved by CreateSpace - so hopefully the paperback version will update with the new cover within a couple days. Yay!

Okay, cover time. I adored the first cover, but I felt that it printed really dark. I wanted something brighter and I am in love with this new magical image! SQUEE!!!

* * *

* * *

New cover image by Jennifer Munswami of J.M. Rising Horse Creations

Love, love, love.

Amazon/Kindle (ebook) Paperback is currently unavailable while the new cover & content is under review - should be available early in the week!
Barnes&Noble/Nook (ebook)
Kobo (ebook)
iTunes/iBooks (ebook) - sale price is updated, but was not able to update the cover or manuscript, grrr
Book Depository (paperback - FREE World wide shipping!) - it might take a month or two for the new cover & content to update with them
Audiobook from Tantor

I mentioned on Facebook that I'd written the first chapter of the sequel. Well, I still have not figured out the entire plot for Cass and Rock's story, but darn it, I am determined to write it and publish it this year!!
Here's what I can tell you about Cass's story. It starts two years after See Me ends. This puts Cassidy at 19, in "NA" territory, but the story will have much of the same feel as the first. Cass opted to go straight into the magical "workforce" with her parents after high school graduation. We will get to see what Robyn, McKale, Ronan/Rock, and all our Chlourichaun boys have been up to!

And now I'm off to pray for inspiration. I'm not good at "coming up with" story ideas. They usually have to hit me out of the blue. I so NEED that to happen. Soon. Thank you guys for your patience and support with this! Each kind word means the world.

Big hugs. Luck of the Irish to you. May the winds be at your back and all of those lovely things. Happy St. Patrick's Day, all.

If you'd like to win a beautiful See Me bookmark, please enter below - this giveaway is International!!

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