Monday, April 28, 2014


I cannot believe release week is here. Three years has led to this moment! I hope you will enjoy the finale to the Sweet Trilogy as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you all for hanging with me through it all! I love you to pieces, and this blog tour was created with your entertainment and curiosities in mind. Blog tours are always fun, but this has been my favorite one yet. We tried to pack it with as much steamy, swoony Kaidan Rowe as possible! I hope you'll check out the stops each day and enter to win one of 3 Kaidan Rowe Prize Packs or 10 Bookmark Bundles!

A HUGE THANKS to Jenny and Danny at Kismet Book Tours for their hard work hosting and putting this tour together.

Here are the tour stops with links. Enjoy!

Monday, April 28 - Author Interview with Supernatural Snark
Tuesday, April 29 - Top 10 Places in the World where Kai wants to Kiss Anna! with Danny Bookworm
Wednesday, April 30 - Anna Interview with Jenuine Cupcakes
Thursday, May 1 - Author Interview with Krista's Dust Jacket
Friday, May 2 - Blake Interviews Kaidan with Two Chicks on Books

Monday, May 5 - Author Interview with Curling Up With A Good Book
Tuesday, May 6 - New Kaidan Song! with Parajunkee
Wednesday, May 7 - Kaidan Interview with Fiktshun
Thursday, May 8 - Kaidan Pinterest Board Reveal with
Friday, May 9 - Belial Interview with Alice Marvels

Okay, now some things to keep in mind during the release craziness... There are big events in this book that I want readers to experience for themselves firsthand, not via spoilers they accidentally run across online, so please, pretty please, refrain from posting details publicly on Goodreads, Twitter, etc.

Also, as much as I love you, if you tweet me with something spoilery, I won't respond because I don't want others to open the thread and see. AND, if you post anything spoilery on my Facebook page, I will have to delete it - I know that's extreme when everyone's just excited, but I'm hardcore anti-spoilers.

Thank you for being considerate!! Happy reading, Sweeties!!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sweet Trilogy Recap Post - Get Ready!

Y'all know I pretty much stink at this blogging thing. I do it sporadically when something "important" comes up, if at all. When possible, I like to highlight things that readers have done, because when fans take the time to do stuff it never ceases to amaze me and warm my heart! Today I received an email from a reader named Amelia in Minnesota - she put together Anna's outfit ensembles for different parts of Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril, and I thought it'd make a great recap in preparation of Sweet Reckoning, the trilogy finale that publishes in SIX DAYS! (Ohmigosh!)  Thank you for this, Amelia!  It's so fun to see people's passionate interpretations of things I've written.  :)

Friends, when you get to the bottom of the post there's a special surprise...

Anna Whitt meets Kaidan Rowe for the first time in Sweet Evil:

Anna and Kai's Road Trip in Sweet Evil:

New Year's Eve Party in Sweet Evil:

Anna Meets Kaidan at the Music Store in Sweet Peril:

Anna and Kopano Meet Flynn in Australia in Sweet Peril:

Anna and Blake go Dancing in Sweet Peril:

Now for your surprise!  

Epic Reads has blogged a recap of SWEET EVIL and SWEET PERIL in preparation for the trilogy finale, and they have included the first seven chapters of SWEET RECKONING!!!  (Give or take a few pages.)  Just be warned that the conversion/formatting gets a little funny in these sort of excerpts, so sometimes italics are lost and it's not as reader friendly as a book.  Have fun, Sweeties.  Much love and hugs!

Click HERE for the recap and excerpt.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We are in the home stretch! It's publication month for SWEET RECKONING! I am beyond thrilled that it's finally this close. I wasn't going to do a teaser for April, but I'm feeling so happy that I've changed my mind. I did have a cruel April Fool's teaser, but it truly upset some people so I'm taking that down and just having the real teaser. Sorry lovies!! This teaser is the beginning of an "uh-oh" moment leading into the finale. We have Anna with Kaidan and his father, Pharzuph...

Something inside me screamed that I was supposed to be careful and scared, but for the life of me I couldn't remember why. I pulled away from Pharzuph's embrace. Both of the guys were giving me menacing stares. I tipped back the rest of the gin and threw the empty bottle on the floor. These guys were getting annoying. I wanted to have fun.

Seriously, though. I love you guys to pieces. You made my March so awesome with all your support of my independent publication of SEE ME (go to "Books" at the top of the page for buying links!) :) And your excitement for my trilogy throughout the past year has warmed my heart to toasty levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you would like to preorder SIGNED copies of any or all of the trilogy, click the "Events" tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the Georgia Event for information. FoxTale Book Shoppe is taking orders now, and I'll be there to sign the books May 24th.

Big hugs,

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