Saturday, March 1, 2014


Yay! Another teaser! We're down to the two month mark, Sweeties! (Does that still seem far away, or is it just me?? *sigh*) I'm sharing another light moment from the story with you. Enjoy! :)

Halfway through the meal, while we were all laughing and telling stories, I made the mistake of placing my hand on Kaidan's upper thigh without thinking.

He let out a groan loud enough to silence the room. I slipped my hand back into my own lap, and Kaidan cleared his throat.

"Wow," he said. "The corn pudding is fantastic."

I snorted, which started a round of snickers. Patti smiled at Kaidan like he was a precious boy.

"Isn't it good? Anna found the recipe a few years ago. She's a great cook."

"Mm-hm." Kaidan gave a tight-lipped smile. "That she is."
If you haven't preordered Sweet Reckoning yet, here are links to discounted prices! Grab it for cheap while you can! :)

Paperback on Amazon

Paperback on Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)

In the meantime, my new Irish Fantasy Romance (YA) will be publishing this month on March 17 - St. Patrick's Day! Stay tuned!!

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  1. I sow want to read this book.
    I think I'll read Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril for the third time before Sweet Reckoning is out...

  2. *swoons* GIMME THIS BOOK ALREADY, TBD!!!! They better ship this out early lols. Thanks so much for making my day, Wendy! <3

  3. Eek! I'm so excited! Do you know if there will be a hardback collectors edition of these books?

    1. There are no plans for a hardback edition of my books at this point. Maybe if this one does super-duper-amazingly well it could be a future possibility. Maybe. :)

  4. I can't wait for this book! these teasers make it harder to wait.

  5. Can't wait. Kaidan gives me butterflies!!

  6. It won't arrive soon enough! But at least we'll have See Me to help us tide the wait!

  7. these teasers keep me alive, you know?haha can't wait for the book!

  8. hey! I wonder if on that page where the shipping is free worldwide what I order in Spanish? I am from Nicaragua, in Central America, and I do not speak good English ... I'm the translator of google!