Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deleted Scene - SEE ME

I'm nervous as heck about the upcoming self-publication of my YA Irish fantasy, See Me, but also extremely excited.  I guess I feel this way with every book that comes out, but this one has definitely been a different journey for me than the Sweet books.  This week I finished a huge revision, and now the book is off to proofreaders.  During the revision process I had to delete a flashback from childhood, but I loved this particular moment and I want to share it with you.

Deleted Scene from See Me, publishing March 17, 2014:

The Fae race and their realm were only considered folklore and fable because magical humans like our family made it so. But even in our home Faeries were a taboo subject. I never understood why. I wasn’t even sure what my parents did for them. All I knew was that my mom would rather have the sex talk ten times over than speak of the Fair Folk.

When my little sister Cassidy and I were young, we found Cinderella on cable one night and turned the volume low, crawling close to the screen in our playroom. We felt like rebels. Every other girl owned the movie, but we hadn’t even been allowed to rent it. I still wonder how long Mom stood behind us, because she didn’t say a word until the Fairy Godmother swooped in and saved the day.

“Bah! Load of rubbish!”

We spun on our bottoms. Her face was pinched and red—I’d never seen her so worked up. Mom pointed a finger down at us. “Don’t think for a moment that Faeries do anything from the goodness of their hearts! They are cold, selfish creatures who take what they want and place no value on human lives! Never forget it!”

She practically snarled the words before huffing away, leaving my sister and me to stare at one another with hammering hearts.

I’d never met a Fae, and I hoped I never would.

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  1. Wonder why this is deleted, cuz it sounds great to me :)

  2. Wow! Now I'm even more excited than before (is that possible? Apparently so.)

    Love the new blog design, by the way.

  3. THIS IS SO EXCITING WENDY!!! And I love the new design:) It was long overdue, although the previous one went so well with Sweet Evil:)

  4. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to read this!!