Friday, December 20, 2013

Kaidan In A Bow - Merry Christmas Sweeties!

Okay, he's not really in a bow, at least not that I can show you.  You'll have to imagine that one. :)

No licking the screen!  (Unless nobody is looking...)
But I DO have a Kaidan gift for you!  I've written a 20 page scene from Sweet Peril from Kaidan's point of view.  If you have not yet read book two, this will be a huge spoiler.  Also, please know that I did not censor Kaidan's thoughts in this scene, so if you're wary of bad language and sexual references you might want to skip this one. I'd say it's still upper-YA appropriate, though.

A little about the writing style - I write a character's voice the way it comes to me. This one came like a stream of consciousness in present tense (which I never write in, so it was strange). I never know what Kai's got in store for me.

Before I share, I want to remind you to please drop by the Epic Reads site to vote for Anna and Kaidan in the Best Couple category of the Book Shimmy Awards!!! You can vote every day.  :)  I'm thrilled that they've made it this far.  

Moving, you want to read this aforementioned Kaidan scene, eh?  Well, here's what you need to do.  Look up, up, up to the top of this page.  Click on "Extras" and it will take you to all of my Bonus Material.  


Big holiday hugs,
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sweet Holiday Giveaway WINNERS!!!

If your name is on this winner list, please email me ASAP with your mailing address!  (wendyhigginswrites at gmail dot com)

Congrats to the winners!  And if you didn't win, there is a Tweetstakes tonight (Thursday, Dec. 5) at 9PM Eastern for Sweet Reckoning ARCs (must be able to provide a U.S. address for mailing).

Thank you all for entering!  

7 Bookmark Bundles (signed bookmarks from Jennifer L. Armentrout and Wendy Higgins, plus bookplates from Wendy!):
Celine Moredo - Philippines
ceres95 - Carine - France
Richa Parande - Singapore
Siiri - International
Heather Mefford - Alabama, U.S.
Carolyn M. - Ohio, U.S.
Lettee - Florida, U.S.

Signed Sweet Trilogy Bookmarks and signed Bookplates from Wendy (this prize just added):
Miss Page-Turner, Sarah - Germany
Sam Kasbrick - Canada
Ashlee - Sydney, Australia
Caitlin YABookwormBlogger - Canada
Shruthi Gurunathan - Brisbane, Australia
Jessi Elliott - Canada
Valia Lind - U.S.
TLK, Tasha Kwan - Canada

2 Kaidan Rowe Swag Packs:
Express, Kyla - Canada
SweetDee85, Deandrea - Texas, U.S.

ARC of Sweet Reckoning:
K. - Komal - Mauritius

And the grand prize winner...

HAWT Prize Pack - SR ARC and WHK ARC:
Bella Colella - U.S. !!!

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Monday, December 2, 2013


(If you are reading this post on Goodreads, please visit my website to enter - comments made on Goodreads or any other social media will not be considered. Thanks!)

This is going to be a big week for Sweet Stuff!!  Here's what's up:
  • This huge blog giveaway from Monday, Dec. 2nd - Wednesday, Dec. 4th (International!!!) See below for details on how to enter today!
  • Tweetstakes (Flash Giveaway) Wednesday night, December 4th, at 9PM Eastern for 5 sets of signed Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril copies (US and Canada only) - details will be announced on Twitter just before the contest begins
  • Tweetstakes (Flash Giveaway) Thursday night, December 5th, at 9PM Eastern for 5 signed Sweet Reckoning ARCs (US and Canada only) - details will be announced on Twitter just before the contest begins
  • Keep an eye on Goodreads - a giveaway for Sweet Reckoning ARCs will run from December 16th - February 28th
7 Bookmark Bundles! 
Includes signed Sweet Trilogy bookmarks and bookmarks from Jennifer L. Armentrout 
(at least one of hers is signed in each bunch)
2 Kaidan Rowe Swag Packs!
Includes red leather "I'm With the Drummer" bracelet from HebelDesign, #iSighForKai engraved nickel bookmark from HebelDesign, a Kaidan Rowe pin/button, and two signed Sweet Trilogy bookmarks
Includes one advanced copy of book 3, two signed Sweet Trilogy bookmarks, and one Kaidan Rowe pin/button
Hot, hott, HAWT Prize pack!!
Includes Sweet Reckoning ARC, White Hot Kiss ARC (by Jennifer L. Armentrout), two signed Sweet Trilogy bookmarks, a Kaidan Rowe pin/button, and a set of JLA bookmarks (one signed)



You MUST come to my blog/website and comment on this post once with the following information:
  • Your name
  • Tell me whether you live in the U.S. or Internationally (this is so I can ensure I have both international and continental winners.)
  • Tell me whether you "Sigh for Kai," "Hope for Kope," "Ache for Blake," or if you're new to the Sweet Trilogy :)
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you can catch my attention by changing your profile picture to the Sweet Reckoning cover and Tweeting: "#RockTheReckoning with @Wendy_Higgins"
  • The contest will end at 6PM Eastern, Wednesday, December 4th, and winners will be announced right here on the blog by the following morning. Please check back to see if you've won. If you don't contact me within 24 hours I will choose a runner-up.
That's it!  Easy peasy. :)

I will not divulge my secrets for how winners are chosen, but I promise each comment will be read, and there is no favoritism here.  'Tis a fair fight, lasses and laddies.

And if you don't win, fear not.  You will be getting a Christmas gift from me on or before December 25th.  I'm working on a Kaidan POV from Sweet Peril which I will post for you for free on my blog under "Extras."  I will let you know when it's up.  It's bits from chapters 17-20.  I've been enjoying having his hott self in my head again. 

Hugs to you all, and thank you for entering!!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Contest Closed!!!  
Winners will be announced by tomorrow morning!
Good luck and thank you for all the love!

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