Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweet Holiday Gift Ideas

This post is totally just for fun.  I wanted to showcase some silly stuff, and I wanted to let you know about some awesome people who make book goodies that are worthy of a place on your Christmas list (or birthday list, or whatever holiday you might be celebrating!)  Also, at the end of this post I wanted to update you on some upcoming things to look out for in December!  :)

1)  Okay, so, funny tidbit...Kaidan's pheromones weren't just random smells I threw together on a whim. Nope, I actually based his scent on a cologne that makes me weak in the knees.  It has the sweetness of oranges, the zing of lime, and a masculine woodsy undertone that makes me swoon. You may smell something different when you whiff it at the sales counter, but that is what I imagine.  I would spritz my husband with this every day if he wasn't anti-cologne - boo!
So if you want your man to smell like Kaidan, buy him some Clinique Happy for Men.  Yeah, baby.

2)  Seeing as how I'm so unoriginal, when it came time for Anna's pheromones to be revealed by the naughty Kai, I chose another one of my favorite scents - Pear Glace from Victoria's Secret.  They used to make a lovely Freesia scent, as well, but that's been discontinued.  (Anna's scent is pears and freesia.)
If you'd like to smell like Anna Whitt, getcha some of this!

3)  Apparently I need to scent all of my characters!  In my novella, Flirting with Maybe, the girl Ryan is in love with (Brooke) smells like vanilla cupcakes and frosting and all sorts of edible yumminess.  He later finds out it's her vanilla lotion, and this is the one I had in mind - Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works.  I have to stock up on this every year because it's only out at this time!  By the way, if you plan to read Flirting with Maybe, be sure to check out the epilogue afterward right here on my blog under "Extras." (wink, wink)

4)  I cannot shout the praises of Vivianne Hebel loudly enough. She runs HebelDesign, and she makes amazing jewelry and book goodies for many popular YA series, including the Sweet Trilogy!  
  • She makes a red leather bracelet that says "I'm With The Drummer," which I wear to all my signings.  
  • She makes the turquoise heart that Kaidan gives Anna in Sweet Evil.
  • She makes the angel necklace Anna gives Patti for Christmas in Sweet Peril.
  • She makes aura necklaces and rings to order, with any colors you like, be it lusty red or pink for love.
  • She makes custom quote nickel bookmarks with a tiny angel wing and piece of turquoise that dangle. 
There's something for everyone at this online shop!  I love her stuff, and Vivi is a joy to work with. :)

5)  This one blows me away.  A wonderful reader named Ephrielle, who has an Etsy shop, makes her own Barbie doll dresses by hand.  She makes one for Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril (and possibly Sweet Reckoning in the future).  How adorable is this???  They're on my own wish list for sure!!

6)  Another Etsy shop that I think is really cool is this one, which does engraved drumsticks!!  I'm SO getting some that say "Kaidan Rowe" to display in my fancy future office.  Check them out here - I'm amazed by how inexpensive they are, too!  This particular set belongs to Nyrae Dawn, and I'm a teensy jealous.  Good think I love her so much.

7)  My last gift idea comes to you from Cara's Bookish Charms on Etsy.  Cara is Irish, and imagine my shock when she sent me a package out of the blue with the most adorable bookish swag imaginable!  She made my all-time favorite Kaidan and Anna necklace, which I wear to all my signing events.  I'm in love with the antique look and feel of it!  She'll pretty much make anything for you, and it's well worth the money.  

Have fun making your wish lists this holiday season!!!  Big hugs, everyone.  


* Be on the lookout soon for ARC Tweetstakes (ARC flash giveaways on Twitter).  This will generally happen in the evening, around 9PM Eastern U.S. time.  Since these ARCs are being mailed by the publisher the contest can only be for U.S. and Canada.

** During the first week of December I plan to do an international Sweet Reckoning ARC and book goodie giveaway, including a signed ARC of White Hot Kiss by Jennifer Armentout!  That will be right here on my blog.

*** Around Christmas time I am giving all of you a present.  I'm working on a scene from Sweet Peril from Kaidan's point of view (think bits and pieces from chapters 17-20).  I'll put it up on my blog for free.  Because you're the best and I love you lots.
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  1. SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! YAY! you are the best Wendy! I <3 you!

  2. SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I am happy there has been so much success for this series and you makes my year!!! XXXXX

  3. OMG, I'm so excited for all this news. And my wish list for christmas is bigger than last year.

  4. *Parties* Wendy Higgins, you are the best ever!

  5. YES YES YES! I can't wait for those Sweet Peril chapters! The dolls are so cute also!

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