Monday, March 4, 2013

Flirting With Maybe RELEASE DAY!

My very first contemporary/realistic YA romance is being released today from HarperTeen Impulse!
I'm excited to see what you think - especially since it's so different from my Sweet books, (though it's still very character driven.)


When I was in high school, my group of friends was close with the baseball team. We went to ALL of the games, including ones that required traveling. So when I had to write a short story in my college fiction writing class, a baseball boy came to mind. Ryan is a talented ball player, but he's younger than the rest of the guys. Being the youngest means he's the smallest and shyest of the group. And as we all know, stuff like that matters in high school.

I wrote many stories for my college creative writing classes, but this one was my favorite and it received the most positive feedback.  When HarperTeen approached me about writing a novella for the new Impulse line of ebooks, I immediately thought of this story and agreed to it.  I extended the story, more than doubling its length to make it a novella.  I fell in love with Ryan all over again, and felt all the confusing emotions of Brooke.  I hope you'll enjoy it.


He was fifteen and she was seventeen. 

When sophomore Ryan "The Kid" McPhearson makes the Varsity baseball team, he finds himself submersed into the life of upperclassmen, and falling in love with senior Brooke Bennet. To Ryan she's his dream girl, perfect. Maybe to the outside world a two-year age difference doesn't matter, but this is high school. Everything matters. 

Ryan soon realizes Brooke's life is not so perfect. He becomes her closest friend, her safe place to fall when she needs to escape. Ryan seems to be benched in the friend zone with no chance to bat.

Time is both a curse and a blessing. It ushers Brooke away to college, and Ryan into the arms of his first girlfriend. It alters Ryan from a kid to a high school graduate, ready to venture to college himself. But when Ryan sees Brooke again he realizes there are some things even time can't touch.

Though much has changed, one question still remains. Will the things that mattered in high school always stand between them?

*     *     *

To warm you up to the story I've put together some inspiring pictures...

The team

Ryan and Brooke getting to know one another when he's in 10th grade and she's in 12th.

Brooke and Ryan (pretend she's blonde :))

Mmhm. Sucks to be there.

10th grade Ryan - poor guy!

Brooke in college

Ryan McPhearson as a high school senior

FLIRTING WITH MAYBE is available as an ebook only, for $1.99.  If you don't have an electronic reader like a Nook or Kindle, you can download a free Nook or Kindle app to read it on your computer or phone.  As a bonus, the prologue and first chapter of SWEET PERIL are included when you buy the novella!


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I'll be giving away five copies of Flirting With Maybe on it's release date, Tuesday, March 5th!  This contest requires participation via Twitter OR Facebook on release day.  (If you don't have facebook or twitter, I'm very sorry!) The contest runs all day long today.

To enter via Facebook:

1) Change your profile picture to the Flirting With Maybe cover (just for the day).
2) Friend my author account so that you're able to tag me.
3) Write a post that says: I want to win a copy of Flirting With Maybe by Wendy Higgins! (with a link to this post) Make sure it tags me so I'll see your entry.

To enter via Twitter:

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2) Follow me at Wendy_Higgins so we're able to DM each other if you win.
3) Tweet: I want to win a copy of Flirting With Maybe by @Wendy_Higgins! (with a link to this post.)

Winners will be chosen at random and notified between 9-10PM Eastern, Tuesday, March 5th (tonight!).  You only need to post/tweet once to be entered.  Winners will be need to provide an email so I can gift the ebook.  If you've already preordered a copy for yourself you can still enter on behalf of a friend & I'll gift it to them on your behalf. I will post winners here tonight on the blog and also contact the winners individually.

Good luck, and thanks for your support!!!  *hugs*  Happy reading.  :-)

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  1. I'm so proud of you! Tomorrow is like a holy book release day: Flirting with Maybe, Reckless, Let the Sky Fall etc etc etc. I feel like I'm in heaven, lol. I hope this was a wonderful experience for you and I cannot wait for it to be weekend already so all my mid-semester exams in biochemistry, food technology and everything else are over so I can relax and devour all of this goodness in one piece. Love you and congrats, Wendy! x

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

    1. Thank you, Siiri! You say the nicest things!!!

  2. Replies
    1. EW! That can't be right! When I went to Amazon UK and clicked on the book's link it says "pricing not available." Hopefully they'll get it sorted out by tomorrow! :(

  3. Just bought it!!!! Yours is the first and only Novella I'm going to read .. Novella's are so short and always makde me sad when they are over! Anyway... it's from you so ...


  4. ACK!!!!! Congrats Wendy. How exciting is this? I can't wait to read it! It sounds so great!

  5. YAY! Just got it from my kindle app! I know what I'm gonna be reading this evening!

  6. Wee! Congratulations Wendy! Hopefully I can have a copy of this! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Blimey! Just checked amazon uk and kobo and they say £9.99!!! eek!!! That's more than a full book costs.

  8. Congratulations Wendy! SO exciting! Thanks for the chance to win your novella!

  9. Wendy, we have a connection! You went to school with my best friend, Scarlett Meyer. I have a book blog where I do some reviewing and things of that nature ;)
    Check it out. By the way, I'm gonna read your awsome looking book! Congratulations.