Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SWEET PERIL ARC Giveaway Winners!!!


First of all, yes. I do read every comment. Every. Single. One.  And I had no idea I'd receive this many!  I have actually copied and pasted all of the comments into a doc so that I can read through them at leisure.  I want to make a list of fan-chosen music, based on the songs you mentioned in this post.  As soon as it's compiled I'll make it available under the "Extras" section of my site.  Thank you all for your thoughtful responses!  I'm floored and blown away by your support and excitement, as always.  iTunes is about to get bombarded with purchases from me based on your recs, and some of the ones you mentioned are totally songs that have inspired me (like Demons by Imagine Dragons!)

So, this is how it works. To keep things fair, I let my 4 year old son, who cannot yet read, scroll through the posts to randomly choose winners.  I have no idea what his criteria was for stopping and pointing at posts, lol.  But he certainly felt special that I asked him to help.  I even took a pic.  Yes, he's still in his jammies.  Don't judge.

Now, for the part you've been waiting for.  The winners of the three Sweet Peril ARCs!

Two U.S. ARC Winners!  Carrie Schwartz  and  Kysha Coates

International ARC Winner!  Sarah (in Brazil)

Turquoise Necklace Winner!  Remo (International)

Winners, please email me at wendyhigginswrites at gmail dot com with your full names and mailing addresses.  :-)

Congratulations!  And thanks again everyone who entered.  It always breaks my heart that everyone can't win.  I'm one of those lame non-competitive people who doesn't like to keep score, lol.

Hugs to all of you.  xoxoxo

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  1. *Goes away to cry in peace* So Jealous of the winners but congrats.

  2. Congrats :) and that was precious! He did good! give him a cookie! He deserves it :)

  3. I'm so happy! I actually started to cry!

  4. Ok your son is adorable!!! I have a 5 year old and he is my life!! Congrats to all the winners!!! :):)

  5. Congratulations to the winners!Just seeing those covers makes me sigh.Why can't March come sooner?
    And your son's adorable Wendy.

  6. Awww. Well, im glad u read every single one so i know u read mine :P congrats to the winners and thsts cute ur son helped! Xoxo

  7. Congratulations to the lucky ones. I would be sad, but your son is just too cute. I believe he did a good job! :D
    Can't wait to see our playlist! :)

  8. Congrats to the winners! I think letting your son pick the winners was a great idea (and he's a cutie too!!). Can't wait to read the playlist.

    *sigh* Is it April yet? LOL.

  9. Hey Wendy!! Just wondering but can your next teaser be of how Anna describes her new appearance, now that she is working, and how she feels about being the school's party girl??? Thank you!!!

  10. Gorgeous cover wow!!! :) Congrats!