Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SWEET PERIL ARC Giveaway Winners!!!


First of all, yes. I do read every comment. Every. Single. One.  And I had no idea I'd receive this many!  I have actually copied and pasted all of the comments into a doc so that I can read through them at leisure.  I want to make a list of fan-chosen music, based on the songs you mentioned in this post.  As soon as it's compiled I'll make it available under the "Extras" section of my site.  Thank you all for your thoughtful responses!  I'm floored and blown away by your support and excitement, as always.  iTunes is about to get bombarded with purchases from me based on your recs, and some of the ones you mentioned are totally songs that have inspired me (like Demons by Imagine Dragons!)

So, this is how it works. To keep things fair, I let my 4 year old son, who cannot yet read, scroll through the posts to randomly choose winners.  I have no idea what his criteria was for stopping and pointing at posts, lol.  But he certainly felt special that I asked him to help.  I even took a pic.  Yes, he's still in his jammies.  Don't judge.

Now, for the part you've been waiting for.  The winners of the three Sweet Peril ARCs!

Two U.S. ARC Winners!  Carrie Schwartz  and  Kysha Coates

International ARC Winner!  Sarah (in Brazil)

Turquoise Necklace Winner!  Remo (International)

Winners, please email me at wendyhigginswrites at gmail dot com with your full names and mailing addresses.  :-)

Congratulations!  And thanks again everyone who entered.  It always breaks my heart that everyone can't win.  I'm one of those lame non-competitive people who doesn't like to keep score, lol.

Hugs to all of you.  xoxoxo

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sweet Peril ARC Time!!!

(Update: Contest is over, winners to be announced soon! Sorry, late entries via email cannot be accepted.)

Yay, yay, YAY!!!  It's ARC time!  (Advanced Review Copy)

Sweet Peril is my 2nd book, the sequel to Sweet Evil.  I will be receiving my ARCs this upcoming week, and I want to share the pre-release love!

For those of you who aren't familiar, some publishers, like HarperTeen, print galley proof copies, or unedited copies of the books to send out for pre-publication reviews.  These copies are usually a hot mess since they're printed in the middle of the editing process - lots of errors, etc.  It's sort of like seeing a frazzled bride who's only halfway through getting ready for her big moment.  Anyhoo, I only get a handful of ARCs.  The ones I get are for my family members and giveaways.  (Serious reviewers can contact me via email with questions about how to request one from the publisher - wendyhigginswrites at gmail dot com.)

Along with the THREE ARCs I'm giving away, Vivian Hebel of HebelDesign has offered to giveaway a turquoise heart necklace, inspired by the one Kai gave Anna in Sweet Evil!!!  YAY!  She is seriously an awesome designer.  Check out her website, which is all jewelry and custom-made cool stuff inspired by YA novels! This Sweet Evil necklace is available there for purchase, along with custom quote bookmarks (they're so cool - they have dangly pieces of turquoise and a tiny wing, with any quote from the book that you want!)

What's Up for Grabs:

~ 2 signed ARCs of Sweet Peril for US readers

~ 1 signed ARC of Sweet Peril for an International reader

~ 1 Turquoise necklace for an International winner

How to Enter:

~ Enter by commenting on this blog post and answering at least one of the following questions:

          - What song makes you think of Sweet Evil?
          - What song can you imagine appearing on Kai's Road Trip Playlist?
          - What actor/actresses can you picture playing Kai & Anna?
          - If you haven't read Sweet Evil yet (which I suggest you do before cracking open Sweet Peril)  
            tell us what your favorite book or series is.  :)
~ Each person will get one entry (even if  you comment more than once). Please be honest and do not enter under multiple accounts.

~ Anonymous comments cannot be counted, sorry. (if you're having a hard time commenting, please email me)

~ Please say in your comment if you are in the US or International, and tell us your first name if it's not the same as your username.

~ I'm doing a quick turnaround with this contest because I really want to get these ARCs out right away, so this contest will run for four days.  You have until noon, eastern US time, on Tuesday, January 29th to enter.  Winners will be announced that evening.

*     *     *

And now for some bonus fun...
Here's an extra HOTT teaser for you, to celebrate the arrival of ARCs. 
Enjoy. :)

(courtesy of model Wade Poezyn)


*     *     *

His mouth moved down my neck, slow, like a playful whisper. At the base of my throat I felt his warm tongue tasting me. I wove my fingers into his hair. When he raised his face to mine, our quickened breaths mingled. I took in the sweetness of citrusy pheromones, lifted off him by the breeze. Even sitting, it made me dizzy.
I tried to pull him, to close the gap between us, but he resisted.
“Tell me you want it,” he whispered against my mouth, transforming me into a puddle of desire. He groaned, a deep sound of pleasure and need, probably smelling the pheromones my own body expelled.

*     *     *

You know I love you guys, right?   I love you, man!   *Big hugs*

(Because of the volume of comments, you have to click "Load more" to see them all.)

Hey guys, the giveaway is officially closed to comments.  I will try my very best to have the winner announcement posted tonight or tomorrow morning!!!  Thank you all so much!  iTunes will be getting a visit from me soon, because I NEED all of these songs on my playlist now!  (Tuesday, Jan 29, 12:08PM)

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Second SWEET PERIL Teaser!

Happy New Year!!!  

Less than four months until SWEET PERIL hits shelves!  Eep!  To hold you over, I'd like to post a teaser each month.  Here's your teaser for January.  Big hugs, everyone.

*    *     *

He’d hurt me plenty, and I refused to be his punching bag.
I wanted to stare Kaidan down, but when he turned to face me I was distracted by the girth of body beneath his face. I eyed the layers of muscle in his arms, chest, and abs. He was ripped! Was he living at the gym these days? His already toned belly now boasted a six-pack. Muscles didn’t usually do it for me, but I had to admit his tall frame wore it well. I swallowed and looked back up where he’d been patiently waiting for me to finish my perusal.
I cleared my throat and crossed my arms.

*     *     *

Next up: ARCs!  I don't have any yet, but as soon as I get them I'll hold a contest to give away two signed prints.  :)

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