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Merry Christmas Giveaway!

I had a fabulous idea. I wanted to post the first chapter of my second book, Sweet Peril, here on my blog as a Christmas gift to my readers.  I was so stoked!  As always, I asked permission from my editor (she nearly always says yes to my harebrained schemes) but to my shock she said no, and here's why.  It turns out they've decided to put the first chapter at the end of my YA contemporary romance novella, Flirting with Maybe, which is being published as an ebook for $1.99 on March 5, 2013!  So I guess you'll have to check that out if you want to get a sneak peek. 

To learn more about the upcoming novella, you can check it out on Goodreads. :)  I'm excited to see what cover those artists over at HarperTeen/HarperImpulse come up with!

The second thing I wanted to tell you about is a wonderful company called HebelDesign - it's run by a talented woman named Vivi Hebel, who handmakes jewelry inspired by books! That's right - she shares your love of reading and she's found a fabulously creative way to show it!  She's recently obtained rights to make the turquoise necklaces from Sweet Evil. Each pendant is different and unique, made from natural turquoise. I was so impressed and giddy that I bought two when I met Vivi at YALLFest in South Carolina last month!  I wear mine almost every day (it's hard because my puppy wants to eat it).  Vivi will also be making nickel bookmarks with inscriptions/quotes from Sweet Evil, along with an angel wing and piece of turquoise. You can even make a special request for a quote of your choice.  I could not be more in love!  Check these out!

GAH!  EEP!  Those quotes!!!  

To visit her online store and place an order, click here.  You'll recognize many of the books that have inspired her beautiful pieces.  It's *possible* that if you place an order ASAP she can have it to you by Christmas, but because of the large number of recent orders she cannot guarantee holiday delivery. She's working hard and doing her best.  I love to see small businesses doing well.  :)

Now for the giveaway...
While my mom was visiting last month, she had a copy of Sweet Peril printed out at a copy shop (because she's my mom and my biggest fan, so she's lucky like that). The copy shop wanted to advertise some of their other services, so they also gave us the first twenty pages of the MS, bound. That's the table of contents, prologue, and almost all of chapter one.  I've decided to give that away, along with a Sweet Evil turquoise necklace, and five autographed bookmarks (for a total of seven winners)!  The Sweet Peril pages and necklace are US only, but the bookmarks are international.

What's up for grabs:

How to enter:

Between now and Sunday, December 9th, at 9:00PM Eastern, simply comment on this blog post with the following information...

~ Let me know 1) what you liked best about Sweet Evil/your fave scene, OR 2) what you'd like to see happen in the trilogy.  (As you can see, the contest is sort of geared toward fans/people who've already read book 1, because the sample pages from the sequel and the necklace won't mean much to the winner if they haven't read Sweet Evil, right?)  :)

~ Also state in your comment whether you're stateside/US or international. (If you don't state that you're US, you'll only be entered into the bookmark giveaway.)


Winners will be picked at random and announced after 9PM Sunday, December 9th. If winners don't come forward within 24 hours to email me their address, a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you all so much for your love and support!  I wish I could send pressies to everyone.  But since I can't, how about I start sharing some hot little excerpts/teasers from Sweet Peril, eh?  I'll get right on that at the conclusion of this contest.  Promise.  

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  1. I met Vivi at YALLFest too and her pieces are gorgeous and fun!
    I LOVE those bookmarks Wendy! Can I say that my favorite Sweet Evil tidbit isn't actually in Sweet Evil but in your little Kai POV piece? I adore the Halloween scene. If I have to go with the book I would say my fav thing about it is the road trip and those hotel conversations and flirtations are HOTT!
    So can't wait for Sweet Peril!

    1. Thank you!! Ooh, I'm glad you enjoyed Halloween from Kai's pov. Being in his head is definitely...different.

  2. INTL. Umm.. First of all, I just want to congratulate you on your success! Following your journey has been amazing and I couldn't be happier for you =) Okay as to favorite scene.. Umm.. Probably the one after the shooting at that club where Kai's all desperate and when Anna drives away he blows out air and just stands there helpless. It was heartbreaking. I loved every scene, but this just got to me the most. What I would like to happen is for Kai to finally admit his feelings and then have beautiful babies with Anna. Haha. Okay, that last part isn't that realistic and quite impossible considering Kai's umm.. yeah. I think you know what I mean. Anyway, yeah, I'd just like them to get their HEA, but I know you'll make them suffer before it happens, LOL. Another road trip with them would be nice. Some late night swimming in the dark. Okay, my whistful thinking again. But yeah, most of all I just want Kai to admit his feelings and realize that someone does love him with all her heart. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU WENDY for this amazing trilogy! Can't wait for Sweet Peril:)

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

    1. Thank you, Siiri! *hugs* Late night swimming...now there's an idea. :)

  3. Wendy!!!! :) love love love everything! And you know I cannot wait for your novella <333

    Sweet Evil? What was NOT to love? I think the hotel scenes were some of favorites haha ;). And I really really want a Kai and Anna happily ever after... Even if its rough along the way.

    I'm US and loooove you :)


  4. Would LOVE to win this!! Cannot wait till Sweet Peril is released!!

  5. I absolutely love the synopsis of your novella! I have being dying to read it. Why does all the good books release dates so far away?

    Oh MY! What is there not to LOVE about Sweet Evil, my own copy of the book looks like it has been abused because I have read it so often. I cannot pick a favourite scene because the whole book is amazing, but I have to admit the hotel scene was... MIND BLOW! As long as Kai (TEAM KAIDAN FOREVER) and Anna are together and happy at the end, I will be content forever, even if the ride to happiness is long, rough and hard.

    I'm International, and eventhough I would love Sweet Peril pages and that pretty necklace, I think the bookmarks are awesome too. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BOOKS!


  6. I'm so beyond excited for you and all the success you're getting from Sweet Evil, it's VERY well deserved. I've made no secret of my obsession with the book and especially sexy Kai !! My absolute favorite scene is the hotel room scene..of course ;) Not just one but all of them, and for different reasons. The first one because...well just because it was smokin hot !! But the other scene where " it " almost happened, I loved that one because it showed that Kai did have true feelings for Anna and it wasn't just about seducing her. LOVE that !!!!
    Thanks for this giveaway !
    I'm stateside : )
    Mariam Jones

  7. Ok so i totally agree all the hotel scenes are amazing im totally team kaiden as well. I honestly like the scene were kaiden and anna first met backstage as well oh who am i kidding the whole entire book rocks!!!! Cant wait for sweet peril o btw totally love the cover of sweet peril more than sweet evil

    1. Yay! Don't forget to say if you're stateside or international! :)

  8. I might be in the minority, but my favorite part of Sweet Evil is the party scene toward the end. It finally shows Anna as a complex person capable of doing what she has to when it counts. Egging those people on, pounding the shots, flirting with the bartender - those are not things that the Anna we all see in the first half of the book would ever dream of doing. But, when your future, your friends' futures - their very lives in some cases (especially Kai's) - are on the line, you find out what you're made of. And, Anna's made of some pretty good stuff.

    I do love the hotel scene too. :)

    And, as for my wishes for Sweet Peril, most of all I want Anna to see some real action with that sword. I love the bad ass chicks who step up to defend their men, and I'd love to see that from Anna. Kai's obviously stuck. His dad and his job literally have him by the balls. Although the love of a good woman can go a long way, hearts and flowers won't cut down the pretty serious creatures they have to face before they can really be together. And, I think Anna has the mettle to do that - especially with that awesome weapon of hers. So, I'd love to see her get into some scraps, followed by Kai kissing her boo-boos. :)

    1. Oh - almost forgot. I'm in the U.S. I actually met you over the summer when you were at PAYA, and you signed my copy of Sweet Evil. :)

    2. I love this!!! Thanks for the thoughtful reply!
      Are you stateside?

    3. Haha, we must've been typing at the same time.
      Awesome!! Thanks, Krista!

  9. First off, thank you so much for this giveaway, you are awesome. And hmm my favorite scene would probably have to be the hotel AND Halloween party. Kaiden <3 <3
    Oh I also would love to see ME & Kai happily together in your trilogy. Anna who? Lol.

    And I'm stateside.

  10. Hi Wendy!!!!

    Sweet Evil is amazing!!!! I love EVERYTHING about it. Kaiden is amazing too <3

    One of my favorite chapters/scenes in Sweet Evil was 14:Laughter. When Kaiden told Anna that he had a deadly looking angel wings tattooed on his back. There are very few books were if have laughed out loud and this whole chapter had me cracking up! Another one of my fav. scenes was when they were walking to the dukes meeting and Anna and Kaiden had that steamy kiss that said everything they couldnt.

    Im hoping that Kaiden will finally tell Anna how he feels and not let anything else get in the way. <3 He deserves to be happy!

    Im counting down the days until Sweet Peril comes out Im bummed its so far away but my birthday is in april so thats awesome! ;] You are such an amazing writer!

  11. Thanks for the givaway!!
    My favortie scene would have to be... when Anna first meets her father. That scene always stuck with me for some reason. And as for the future, I just want Anna and Kai to be happy (together!).
    I'm in the States.

  12. Hey, Wendy!
    I have loved Sweet Evil from the moment I read the first chapter online and I couldn't stop reading all night! I'm so happy for you and all the attention Sweet Evil has gotten, because you deserve it. I love pretty much everything about the book, but I have to say that when Anna meets her Dad in jail and she finds out that he loves her and wants to protect her and that he left her family to protect her- that whole scene gives me the warm fuzzies. On that note, I love the character of Patty (hope I'm spelling her name right) and her unconditional love for Anna. I love how she tells Kaiden off and adds some humor to the book, and I hope to see more of her. I also love when Anna steps up towards the end and starts fighting her own battles. I am so excited to see how she develops and becomes stronger in the next few books, and I am really, really hoping that she and Kaiden will be able to keep a relationship going even as they fight evil :)

    I'm in the states :) Good luck with everything!
    ~Maddie Vogelsang

  13. I loved EVERYTHING about Sweet Evil-it was just full of awesome-ness!I'd also like to see more of Kopano(not with a Anne-Kaidan and Anna are awesome together!) but like something a li more about him?


    Can't wait to read the excerpts/teasers from Sweet Peril!! :D

    Thanks for this giveaway,Wendy!The bookmarks look gorgeous!

  14. I just want to say that I Loved, LOVED Sweet Evil. Its on my top five best books of the year. I loved it.
    My favorite scene is at the way end where Anna has to work at the party. I love that scene so much, wich is sad, because though out the whole book Anna was trying not to work, but she ended up having to work. I loved how in that scene we also learned how all the other nephs ( I think I spelt that right) work. Like how Kope plays cards and that is how he makes everyone get mad. I was just a great scene.
    What I would love to see happen is for the angels to more involved in the book. Like have one (or a couple) angels talk to Anna or something and them beging characters instead of hearing people talk about them. If that makes any sense at all.
    Thanks for the awesome Givaway, You are one of my favorite authors :)
    Also I live in the United States.

  15. Hey, Wendy!
    To start with, let me just say I loved Sweet Evil to bits, and have re-read it countless times. I've been your fan ever since that awesome debut you made, and am so glad that you added me as your friend on FB and liked my review on Goodreads (that, btw, made my day)!

    You can't imagine how ecstatic I am for you, and myself since I get to read more of your books, that you got the deal so- once again, CONGRATULATIONS! :) Also, love the jewelry pics.

    Anyway, one of my favorite scenes from Sweet Evil- well, that's hard 'cause there are lots of them- is when Kaidan grabs Anna's hand and says, “I wanted to see your freckle.”. Man, I squealed like a crazy fangirl and am a goner since then.

    Kai.. I'm so in love with him. *sigh*

    Also, the whole drive with Kaidan and Anna alone, that whole part is SO AMAZING, I just never get tired of re-reading.

    As to what I want to see in Sweer Peril? First, would be your beautiful writing, heh. Second, I wouldn't mind seeing lots and lots of Kaidan, no mystery there, lol. But mostly, I want to read more about Kope and would love to see Anna and Kai exploring possibilities of them as a couple and their own futures, individually. I'm also very eager to learn more about this world that you wove- it makes my brain say awesome over and over again whenever I think about it.

    Anyway, good luck for everything, I hope you reach higher levels of success and happiness than ever before. You're beautiful and a fabulous writer, and dare I say, one of my favorites- so stay excellent and keep writing.

    Kajol, from India.

  16. OMG I love the WHOLE book, it was so amazing! I just want more what ever more might be!! LOL AS the rest of the fans I see I would love more Kaidan and Anna really. To see this story grow is going to be lots of fun!! Thanks for the giveaway and I am in the US!! :)

    LOVE the blog too!!! Happy Holidays!!


  17. I am so totally entering. This is my all time favorite series lol. I'm state side, my husband and I are stationed here at new river in Jacksonville, nc.

    My favorite scene in sweet evil is right before the meeting in the end when you FINALLY see that kai really does have feelings for Anna he just doesn't know how to deal with them and its like they explode out of him with that kiss set off by her simply grabbing his pinky. And he had the knife hidden all along to protect her.

  18. OMG!! I love these pieces. SO unique :)

    My favorite scene is the hotel scene. I swear, I've envisioned that in my head over and over. FINALLY, someone actually wrote it. sigh of bliss....... We'll take more of that please :)
    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  19. This is hard I loved so many scenes in Sweet Evil but I would have to say my favorite is the scene right before the big meeting with all the nephilim. I just love Kaidan and Anna and this scene is just so bitter sweet :)!!! Honestly for book 2 I would obiviously love to see more Anna and Kaidan scenes but I'm excited to see where the story goes. Thanks for this amazing giveaway I cant wait for Sweet Peril!!!! US bridget.howard(at)hotmail(dot)com

  20. Wennnndddyyyy

    I want to meet you really badly. It's preposterous that we live in the same state and have never met.

    I can't wait to get more Kopano action. As much as I love Kai, I love how mysterious and adult Kope is. I mean, but I won't be mad at any/all action that Anna gets herself involved with. ;)

    1. You shall have more Kope, dear! :) And we SO need to meet, I agree.

  21. One of my favorite lines from sweet evil is when Anna's got the hangover from after the party and she's talking with her father, but I couldn't find the quote. So this scene always makes me shiver, “What do you want from me, Kai?” “For starters?” His voice lowered to sexy, dangerous depths. “I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body.” A powerful shiver ripped through me.
    I can't wait to read sweet peril! Loved sweet evil! Thanks for the giveaway! I live stateside/IL.

  22. First off, I can't wait to read Sweet Peril! I'd have to say my favorite part is the road trip but I also loved at the end when Kai was going to jump to Ana's defense but the others had to hold him back. *swoon* And I live in the U.S. Thanks for the contest!

  23. Hmm...what do I NOT love about Sweet Evil?! I love the chemistry between Anna and Kaiden, but I love how they're not suppose to be together, yet that doesn't stop them. I can not wait to see where the story goes!! I'm in Missouri. :)

  24. I loved Sweet Evil! Could not put it down. I loved the whole road trip part. And of course any scene with Kai. As for what I want to see in the trilogy? Anything. You are such an amazing author, I'm sure it will be perfect. One small request though? More of Kai and Anna. (And kissing.)

    Thanks so much for writing an amazing book, and thanks for the giveaway. I am in the US.

  25. Picking a favorite scene is tough but I think I might have to go with Halloween. Seeing Kai dressed up (even if the visual is only in my head) as an ape is priceless. And Anna all witched out with a wart on her nose? Forget about it.

    So looking forward to Sweet Peril and I'm in the US.:)

  26. What I love about Sweet Evil? You know, other than the super hot, sexy dark haired male with the name of K-A-I?? <3 <3 Just everything about that guy makes every nerve in my body all excited and hang on his every word, seriously. But other than that the story plot is absolutely so unique in interesting and I've always been interested in the human 7 deadly sins, and this just took it all into a whole new level! There's always action and somethign to look forward to to make me keep on reading :)
    Thank you so much Wendy for writing such an amazing book with steamy-you-know-what-scenes ;)
    My email is ekhoo94@hotmail.com

    Love lotssss,

    Eve from CANADA :)

  27. Sweet evil is such an awesome book that I cannot pick a favorite escene or something like that. But, what I loved and didn't realized it that way before, is that I was in love with the dialogues. They're so smart, intelligent, funny and... yeah, hot.
    Also, the idea of a true "good" heroine was really good to me. I need to people to leads the story in a book.
    Greetings from El Salvador!

  28. I'm definitely a fan of the roadtrip and that scene in the hotel room. HOT! I hope to see a bit more about Kaiden and some more sweet moments with him and Anna. I wanna see more than just lust, but true love! Thanks for the giveaway Wendy!

    vi3ti3abe at gmail.com (US)

  29. Picking a favorite scene is very hard just so you know! I'm sitting here, thinking of everything that happened, all my favorite scenes and I'm just like; 'I love them all!!!!'
    I know that the road trip was amazing, especially when they are in the hotel room and a little 'playing' happened ;) I did enjoy chapter 30, even though it was sad and very intense, because of how Kaidan was there for Anna. He will always protect her! Also how Anna said she would love Kai all her life at the end!! My heart!!!
    I do hope that Kai will be in Sweet Peril more, like a lot more! And I just want him to be happy and that him and Anna can find happiness. Together??? :) heheh


    Magen Corrie
    @Corrie the Book Crazed Girl

  30. Oh, gosh, that is a gorgeous necklace! This is a seriously amazing giveaway!

    I think my favorite scene would be... I loved it all! But I really liked the hotel scenes, so I'll go with that. :)

    I am in the US!

  31. My favorite thing about Sweet Evil is the show of how potent sin is, even to demons, neph, and angels. It puts it into a whole other perspective.
    And of course, the romance. Because Kaidan the bad boy defies his own nature in respect to Anna's virtue. That's LOVE! :)

    xokristeeauhox(@)aim(.)com (WV-US)

  32. I think my favorite part of Sweet Evil was when Anna took Kaidans' pinky finger in hers, and then he dragged her over to an alley to kiss her. I think that this part really showed that no matter what had happened between the two, they still loved each other, and they both knew it. It was a touching part and I loved it! As for what I would like to see in the trilogy, (I hope you don't mind my answering both:) I would love to see Anna get super, ah, badass should I say, at a point, and defend herself with tons of girl power.;) And kissing isn't frowned upon either.;D Thank you so much for witing Sweet Evil, it's one of my favorite books! You're an amazing writer!!! I live in the US!


  33. My favorite scene from Sweet Evil would have to be where Kaidan could've have gone all the way with Anna and then decided not to. What is sweeter than that? But really, I can't decide!

    In Sweet Peril I want to see Kaidan get jealous over Kopano!! Oh, yeah! Besides that, I just want a happily ever after. Though I don't think that's going to happen! Just not a cliff-hanger! My sanity would not be able to handle it. ~ Katelyn

    I live in the US. escape2books(at)gmail(dot)com

  34. OMG, you are too awesome Wendy!! And I'm so excited about Hebel Design now having Sweet Evil merch, I so gotta start saving! Thanks for having this giveaway! :')

    As for a favorite scene, I just really loved the whole road trip with Anna and Kai ♥

    gaby_sama@hotmail.com (International)

  35. Oh, man, I'm getting behind! I wanted to comment back to every person, but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to keep up.
    Love you guys!!! You're so wonderful!

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  37. I really have to pick one?? I can't!!! It's not possible!! I mean there are just so many. I love the car ride, the time by the lake when she first finds out, I like Halloween and pinky! I love hotel and breakfast and damn have you seen the post it's in my copy????
    I won't pick a favorite! I WON'T I SAY!!!

    Ugh you will just make me anyways

    I'll pick'



    And I kinda love the part where patie slaps her dad!

    Ok I'm done now.

    And sorry for my blank comment I'm trying to do this on mg phone!

    Love you!

  38. One of the things I loved best about Sweet Evil were the characters. They were all distinct and believable, especially Anna. A lot of authors say a character is sweet or innocent, but they don't really make me believe that. They just say it, and often that particular character doesn't have those traits based on the dialogues and thought processes. Anna, being half angel was believable, and when her father was teaching her how to drink, I believed her temptation (from her demon side). Wendy Higgins did a great job giving her that perfect balance.

    I don't know if I have a favorite scene, but I did like it when Anna met her father for the first time and he was telling her about her mother.

    Oh! I live in the United States :)

  39. I loved the scene near the end where they're all headed to the "showdown" and Anna and Kai hook pinkies together and end up kissing in the alley. It showed her his feelings were true and I would soooooo love to see them with a HEA! Thank you again for writing this amazing book!

    I'm in the U.S.

  40. I have to pick just one scene? Woman that's not happening! lol I loved Sweet Evil to pieces! I LOVE all the Kai/Anna scenes. I really like at the end, when they're at the meeting and Kai stands to go protect Anna. Just the emotion in that one move! Holy moly! Also, I love when he pulls her away for that kiss at the end! MAN I NEED BOOK 2 NOW!!!

    Im in US :)

  41. I WAAAAAANT to win this SO BAD! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sweet Evil and can't wait for Sweet Peril. I totally prayed and hoped that book two would get picked up when we weren't sure so I'm ecstatic. I love the hotel scenes but I also really like the scene when they meet for the first time from Kai's POV. I really love being inside his head, to see what he is thinking and I hope you do that more.

    I'm in the US. Thanks for the contest!


  42. I can't answer what I liked best about Sweet Evil, because I loved everything about it! But, if forced to choose, I, of course, loved Kai best, not only because he is HOTT (extra t worthy ;)) but also because Anna's relationship with him added such a deep emotional element that had me immediately emotionally involved with the characters.

    And I just want Anna and Kai to end up together during the trilogy. I'm rooting for those two all the way :)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I can't tell you how excited I am for Sweet Peril :)

    BTW, I'm in the US.

  43. I looooooved the New Years Eve party but really I just loved the whole entire book and by the end of the trilogy If Anna and Kai don't end up together forever I will be devastated.

    I am a US resident

  44. OMG!!! i loved seeing Kaidan jealous too but i also liked that part where the nearly killed that girl who got too fat by the 3 pies at the meeting of the Dukes - i forget exactly wht happened since it was a while ago since i read it- THat part was great!!! & KAIDAN & ANNA KISSING IS AWESOME!
    (i live in Canada)

  45. I loved Sweet Evil and I am so glad you're able to publish the next in the series and I can't wait to read it!!!
    One of my favorite scenes was when we get to see Kaidan jealous at an after party.
    "If you ask me, I'd say the princess prefers a dark knight."
    "She only thinks she does."
    I loved that whole part and when Kope and Kaidan come to her door that night after hearing her scream from the visions sent by her father.
    Getting to read about Kope "working" was fun too.
    I also loved the ending (I didn't want the book to end thou) when Kaidan kissed Anna and was about to defend her before the angels stepped in.
    I love how this series is so different from so many other books I've read and I can't wait to read more!
    (I live in the USA)

  46. I loved Sweet Evil so much I have read it five times already and I can not wait to read Sweet Peril!!!
    My favorite scene between Anna and Kai is in the hotel room when Kai talks about their senses. My second favorite scene is when Anna meets her dad and he finds out that she traveled there with the son of lust. I love Anna's dad he is such a great character.
    (I live in the US)

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. My favorite scene of sweet evil was when Kai and Anna are pulled away from each other after the meeting when Anna almost gets killed and Kai is willing to die to try and protect her, it is a bitter sweet moment and I an just in love with it. <3 I live in New Zealand :(

  49. My favorite scene from Sweet Evil is when Kai and Anna are in the gas station and Anna realizes she can think an action and Kai will do it. She tells him mentally to turn around, and he does it, and she bursts out laughing. I just like it because it's hilarious and totally adorable!

    I live in the United States.

  50. I'd like to see Kope and Marna go out (am I the only one?) :D
    US baby ;)

  51. What I want to happen in Sweet Peril is for Anna to be separated for what they believe in and for her to make him see there is a different way of living. Not necessarily a "pure" way, but a not so naughty way of living.
    My favorite scene in Sweet Evil was when they first met. I could feel the insta bound and I LOVED IT! I live in Iowa in the US :)

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. I can't decide which scene is my favourite but I do hope that there is no love triangle between Kope, Kaidan and Anna. If there are, it's not like I can hate Kope because he's nice and not evil. So yeah. No love triangle. But there will be one. *Sigh*
    Anyway thanks for the giveway. INT. Bummed that I can't enter for the necklace and the bound book because the necklace looks fantastic!

  54. first what i loved about sweet evil is how kaidan looks tough and like he wont care about most things but with windy your able to see that hese actually not happy with what he does and does it to survive and how he cares for anna i would also like for more then any thing to happen in trilogy is for anna and kaidan to stay together and never break because they make a perfect and sweet couple i'm also a US yayyy thank you i don't know where to post a blog comment cause this is my first time i put it here i hope that's the right place

  55. I LOVED the New Years Eve party because I thought it was really cool how we got to see all the Nephs do their jobs and how much pressure was on Anna, but she totally pulled it off!! I always imagine all the nephs walking into the club as the chorus of the song Too Close by Alex Clare plays!!! Haha Fangirl Moment!!

    But thankyouthankyouthankyou for writing this! I'm OBSESSED with Angels and Demons! Something about them just appeals to me....This was the perfect fix!!!

    Thank you sooo much Wendy!!!!! <3

    I live in the US.

  56. It is super hard to pick a favorite scene from Sweet Evil, I love them all. However, I love the scene when Anna first realizes that she loves Kaiden. Of course what leads up to her realization is awesome!! But I also really like how you wrote Kaiden's reaction. He is fighting his feeling so much, because of what they are and how they have to live. He wants Anna to not love him to make things easier. I also love the scenes of tension that result from this scene. I am so excited for Sweet Peril. I am interested in seeing how Anna and Kopano's relationship will evolve and if Kaiden will get jealous. :)

    I am excited for your new book and can not wait for Sweet Peril. I live in the United States.

  57. Hi Wendy!! Do you remember me?!
    Looks like Christmas came early!! My dream for the trilogy(I really dreamt this) is for Kai to also be a half angel, or for Kai and Anna to actually be together. I was dreading for a moment where Kai would somehow stand up to his father, and hopefully and his father would somehow deal with it like Kopano, but Alocer, is Alocer. I would also LOVE if Anna somehow get to meet her with her father. That would be so crazy, OH MY GOD I would have a panic attack if this happened. AHHHH!!!!! I no i proabably have the slimmest chance to win, but AHHH !!! just the thought.

    I LOVE YOU WENDY!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the US.

    1. Anna would somehow meet her mother mother* hehehe SORRY.

  58. United States

    Oh my gosh!!! When I saw this, like I was literally screaming :) (in joy of course). I just want to start off that you are at the top of my favorite authors, and I've read a lot of books. I want to say that I'm your biggest fan, but there's so much fans! I will think of myself as your biggest fan though.

    Anway, my favorite part in the book..its...okay that's pretty hard since I loved everything about the book, but if I were to choose...then I'd say my favorite part would be when..haha definitely one of my favorite parts is when Anna's dad face palms himself and is like, I'm too old for this. I also thought that it was really funny how she and her dad drank together. I mean, I can't ever see that happening; where my dad's teaching me how to drink.

    Oh plus, I really want to see more Kope Anna and Kai together, for more tension or something. Like I really want to wonder if Anna would end up with Kope, but I can't say I want her to end up with either guy since they're both amazing and HOTT! ;D

    I hope you can read my message too because I really want to email you but i don't know if you'd receive it or if you'd even have time to respond..but will you consider making this into a movie? I would love you more than cupcakes (which I really really love)!!! I can totally see this happening in a movie!

  59. 1. My favorite thing about Sweet Evil is Kai. I just love everything about his. He is a rogue yet wants to be more. I really enjoy the scene where they meet for the first time. I find their interaction very entertaining.

    2. I would like to see Anna be really tested. I don't like to read stories where everything is just peachy and no one has any trouble. The happily ever after can come, but there needs to be a lot for the main characters to get through. For Anna, she is going to have to contend with her demon side and I can't wait to see that inner battle.

    I am a US resident!

  60. i LOVE this book and can not wait til Sweet Peril!! My favorite part of the book is the whole ride to go meet her dad. The whole time I wanted to laugh,cry, and scream all at the same time. How Kai and Anna act together and how Kai is just...well Kai lol He is so lovable. If I could only take one book with me to a deserted island Sweet Evil would be it. I have read it SO much! I could read it everyday for the rest of my life and never be bored of it. In the second book I would like to see...Well I don't know I just love how I never know what is going to happen and thats what makes you, Wendy, an awesome writer and so different then all the other books I have read.

    -I am a US resident :)

  61. I'm from the US and I ADORE Kai. I know this isn't an official part of Sweet Evil, but I have to say my favorite scenes are the ones you've rewritten in Kai's POV. I love getting inside his head, knowing what he's thinking and feeling. Those scenes just show how much of a sweetheart he actually is (not that we didn't know that already, but they just solidified it).

  62. I adored this book and I can't wait for Sweet Peril!! I had so many favorite scenes throughout this book, but I'd have to say that my favorite parts were watching Anna and Kai's relationship develop and when Anna was learning her drinking limits and had to work her first job on New Year's. I would love to see how Anna and Kai's relationship develops while he is so far away and if Kope will try to step in while hes away. I'm located stateside U.S.

  63. i loved Sweet Evil and i'm dying to read Sweet peril. What i loved most was your take on angels and demons was really unique , and your characters were complexed like real people my favourite parts were when Anna and Kai is in the hotel room when Kai talks about their senses and when they realized they were in love with each other. also in Kai POV the freckle scene .things i would love to see :
    - Kai and anna together
    - more of Kai past,and PVO's i really adore his character
    - more of the rebellion
    - anna to go warrior princess with her new weapon
    i'm an international reader.

  64. Best thing about Sweet Evil, hands down-it talks about Dukes of vices/sins, and focuses more on demons instead of the whole goody-goody angel thing. But then, 10 points more to the cool factor since Anna is both. ;)
    I also love Anna's internal struggle with both sides of her and I believe this reflects everyday people's lives as well. :)
    Thanks for an awesome read, Wendy! :D
    (International reader right here, whoop!)

    -Tiffany@Read, Breathe, Read

  65. I love all the cool angel stuff in Sweet Evil, it was so interesting and unique. And as for the trilogy, I just would really love for Anna and Kai to live happily ever after. :)

    I live in the U.S.!

  66. I am delighted with the book and reread it several times. Choose one specific point is very difficult, but most of all I liked the moment Kiss Anna and Kai in the alley, in 30 chapters. It is very romantic and emotional moment. It invested so much passion. And Kai finally showed what he is and what nasamom feels for Anna. I look forward to the next book.

    I live in Ukraine :)

  67. I love the contradictions in this book half angel/ half demon, Anna knowing that she has to do bad to survive but also knowing its wrong and struggling to control her demon side. My fav scene would have to be new years eve party tied with the line for Kai POV of Halloween when he notices her hair cut and realized she had to change to survive with or without him around.

    I live in US

  68. First of all, this is an AMAZING giveaway!! That necklace, WOW!! I'm in the USA :] And I want to see their happily ever after <3 I am dying to see that, actually!! I loved absolutely everything about Sweet Evil, its one of my all-time favorite books!! I can't wait until the next one!! My email is Kellee926@hotmail.com

  69. Yay! Thanks so much for the giveaway! I think my favorite scene has to be when Kai and Anna were on the road trip! Everything about those chapters I love love loved! And the concept itself was also so interesting! So happy we're getting the trilogy and congrats on all of Sweet Evil's success!

    My email is bookslostatmidnight[at]gmail[dot]com (And I'm from Canada!)

  70. I love love love towards the end when Kaiden stands and is ready to fight for Anna even though the consequences are crazy high and when their hands touch and eyes lock for the last time in the book (total heartbreak). Can't wait to see where their relationship goes :)

    Im in the U.S.

  71. Oh, and Kaidan's POVs, too. :DD

  72. I've seen Hebel designs everywhere in the blogosphere but haven't purchased one myself because there are too many awesome ones to choose from! :) I think my favorite scene in Sweet Evil is the kiss in the alley before the meeting with the Dukes...sooo steamy! That, or when Kai tries to fight Ana's urging to sit when he gets up to defend her at the meeting. He was willing to die for her!!! I've read this book twice in the last two months (once for the read-along and then again because I already missed the characters), and I still love the "does he or doesn't he" and then the "oh, he totally does!"

    The Starry-Eyed Revue
    US resident

  73. Wow, I am very excited for the giveaway!! I have re-read the book several times and each time I pick up something that I missed the first time I read the book. I would love to see a happy ever after for Kai and Anna, who does not love that!! ONE, of my favorite parts is when Kai and Anna are in the alley. Not knowing what they are getting into at the meeting and Kai to express his love like that. I also really loved the halloween scene that you wrote from his point of view, it makes me crave more of Kai's view of the situation.

    I would also like to say congratulations on your success. It is exciting to watch a writer gain so much fame and attention.

    P.S. I live in the US.

  74. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!
    My favorite scenes are the hotel scenes! And can I say that Kai's POV was just plain full-blown awesome!
    International fan here :)

  75. Hi Wendy;

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway. You are an amazing writer and I am counting the day until Sweet Peril.

    My favorite scene from Sweet Evil is when Kaidan gives Anna the necklace. There are so many things unsaid with Kai's action. I absolutely love him ♥

    As for what I would like to see in other books, I want Anna and Kaidan to have the opportunity to tell each other how they feel without any of the problems involve, no parents, no jobs etc...

    U.S resident !

    daisel (dot) tamayo (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks again.


    P.S: I hope you will come some time to Miami, FL. :)

  76. Wendy, Congratulations on everything you've accomplished. I am so excited for you. I have been pulling for you to get Sweet Peril published by Harper and when you did I was so ecstatic.

    Sweet Evil blew me away! I have to say that picking a favorite scene is so hard since I honestly loved every part of this book, but I would say that my 2 favorite scene is the hotel room -- when Anna lets her guard down and Kaidan's POV which made me want Sweet Peril even more.

    I would love to see in the future books more action and Anna coming to herself and the obivious more Kaidan and Anna. I want them to be together because they are just Meant to be and I want them to find a way to work it out without other things getting in the way of their love.

    I am a U.S. resident :)


  77. I loved sweet evil! my friend lent it to me and i didnt want to give it back! even when i finished it i kept going back to my favorite parts and re-reading them until the hour i had to give the book back! now its is at the top of my christmas list!

    my favorite part was when anna found jonathan in jail and he turned out to be a really nice guy.

    what i would like to see in the other books is anna accept more of her angel side and rise up against the demons. there should be some like ancient magic that allows anna to change her badge from completely white like an angel to completely dark like a demon so her badge can be dark around the demons and light when she wants to be herself because i think anna is too good to be a demon. she is a good person who deserves to be herself inside and out.

    i am a US resident and i DYING to get my hands on anything sweet evil related!



  78. Im in the U.S.
    My favorite part was when they were going to the emergency meeting and they went under the stair case for a kiss. SO CUTE

  79. I loved Sweet Evil and cant wait for Sweet Peril, i was hoping to see if Ginger and Blake got togethter and Anna and Kai get closer. My favorite part was at the Halloween party when Kai wipes off the makeup and tells her he just wanted to see her freckle. So adorable!!
    Im in the U.S.

  80. Hi Wendy, oh dear I was so happy when I found out Sweet Peril was going to get published. My heart was breaking knowing it might not have happened, but thankfully it did and I'm excited for it to come out! One of my most favorite scenes from Sweet Evil is the New Year party. I have no idea why it's my favorite, but I absolutely loved it when Anna stepped out of her shell and just lived! Also when she was going to the bathroom and saw Kaidan with someone else, oh that totally broke my heart and made me want to cry because I actually felt what she was feeling even though I've never experienced it before. Sweet Evil was so different from all the books I've read so far and I'm thankful for it so THANK YOU WENDY for writing this AMAZING book! Oh and I'm in the states :)

    - bxiong098@gmail.com

  81. Dear Wendy, i would just like to say that YOU ARE AMAZING! I LOVE SWEET EVIL SO SO SO MUCH! I'm so excited for Sweet Peril and loved both of the covers! And the giveaway is awesome. What's to hate about sweet evil? There's absolutely nothing to hate! because it's A-W-E-S-O-M-E. The book intrigued me til the last page. I love the thing thats going on with Anna and Kaidan! I find it hard to choose my fav scene since there a lot that I loved! How to choose!? Okay here goes...I loved the New Year's Party scene because to me, Anna showed us that she is capable of doing something that we thought she would never do. She just BAM!! Also, I'm a fan of the meeting scene near the end of the book. I was eager to find out what's going to happen there?what's going to happen between anna and kaidan? I literally felt sad when Anna was separated from Kaidan after the meeting. They were so close!!! ALL MY EMOTIONZ! X_X I'm with Anna and Kaidan all the way! ;) I hope we get to see more Kaidan and Anna =D. I would really love to know what's going to happen to Anna next!What other problems she's going to face. Thank you Wendy for this wonderful,marvelous and awesome book! XD I'm international.
    My email - KinaNuri(at)gmail(dot)com

  82. My favorite part of Sweet Evil is probably how original it is. I honestly could not see where it was going. Also, I love the fact that love triangle wasn't introduced until the end. I live in the US.


  83. Hello, I'm from Ukraine, calling of Light I love this book, re-read several times, in fact, very difficult to choose the most interesting moment.No still, the most interesting thing in the club when they started to perform their jobs each and Anna got drunk with his girlfriend continuing razvlekatsyaa just where they were alone in the living room, and she could hardly jealous otpuskala.Knigu read it in one go, go ahead and continue to amaze us with their creations, we love you very much!)

  84. Wow, guys! I'm blown away by all the awesome entries!!! I wasn't expecting this many...I guess I should get with the times and use rafflecopter for these sorts of things, huh? LOL.

    THANK YOU ALL! Love you!

  85. wow the giveaway sounds amazing the bookmarks are so pretty O_O anyway... I have to say I think the whole concept of personifying the 'sins' is genius! but favourite scene? um probably at the end when Anna spoke up about what was happening to Gerlinda then when she was on danger Kai stood up too - we all knew he was gonna fight for her :D, but I also loved when Anna was testing her powers and made Kai twirl around lol. As for what I want to happen, for one to Kai to admit (out loud) he is smitten with Anna but I also hope there is a way for them not to live all their lives with the sin they have :)
    I am international :) thanks Wendy for giving us an AMAZING book, you are awesome!!

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Love love loved Sweet Evil. My favorite aspect is how strong the characters are...not just the main ones, but the secondary as well. Each and every one of them is highly engaging. I especially enjoy the extra POVs. Can't wait to read the next installment!

      I'm in the US!

  87. I loved the whole road trip and hotel scenes. Those were very entertaining and Anna and Kai were getting to know each other, but my favorite scene would have to be before the Dukes meeting. Kai pulled Anna into a dark corner and kissed the hello kitty out of her. :) Hot and sweet. He tossed all his feelings into that kiss and melded them into her skin. LOVED that part the most. It was very unexpected. Of course, what I want to see happen in the series is for Kai and Anna to be together, but when the time is right. LOL

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway, Wendy. I hope to win! I'm in the U.S. :D


  88. My favorite scene was towards the very end, where Kai and Anna steal into the dark staircase and share a few passionate moments. So much emotion goes into that kiss! I cannot wait to read Sweet Peril, to see what is next for these two. :)

    I am in the U.S.

  89. Hi Wendy!

    I loved Sweet Evil so much! The dinamics between sweet confused lil Anna and hot bad guy growing a conscience Kai, they're a delight! I love how different this book felt and read from other books I had read! And so different from other books from a similar genre I've read after... I'm biting my nails waiting for Sweet Peril and I'm so happy the release date was moved forward!

    I'm from across the pond, in Spain!

  90. One of my all time favorite scenes is Kai and Anna's last night in the hotel room...I replay it in my mind ALL the time!! For me it was one of the big turning points :)
    I am from the U.S.

  91. GAh! What a giveaway!

    I LOVED the ending scene with the Dukes. Okay, that sounds kind of bad because of what happened there but i loved that scene. I Loved that Kaidan and Kope ( mainly Kai though) were ready to come Anna's rescue. And the fact that when Anna willed them to sit Kai stayed standing at first. He was there. Like, Kaidan didn't care about anything but helping Anna even though he KNEW the consequences. Man, if a guy would do that for me, I'd keep him forever. I also liked when everyone was rushing out of the meeting and Kaidan and Anna were trying to hold hands. I also like the WHOLE ROAD TRIP! When Kaidan gave her the necklace. CUTEST MOMENT EVER. Kai...baby, i love you. AND the Halloween Party scene. "I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body." khf;onlofhybv uhg

    It would be easier if I just said I LOVED THE WHOLE FREAKING BOOK especially anything with Kaidan Rowe ;). I definitely agree that Kaidan is extra T worthy.

    I want to do the second part too. What I want to happen in the trilogy? hmm.
    1). Kaidan and Anna to be together forever.
    2). The Nephs no longer have to do the Duke's jobs...unless they want to.
    3). Super cute Kaidan/Anna moments.
    4). Fun adventures like the road trip.
    5). For Pharzuph to stop pointing out Anna is still a Virgin. Can you say awkward?
    6). Kaidan and Anna to be together forever.
    7). Oh yeah, and kaidan and Anna to be together! :)
    8). For Kai to stop doing his 'work'.

    I live in the US!

  92. This is so amazing, I love Hebel's jewlery for the Mortal Instuments series, I wish she would make things for every book series I love, and now thats at least two out of... well, about five million ;D Love triangles can be sort of a pain sometimes, but I like it when the guy gets jealous, so maybe some Kopano/Anna love, and then Kaidan finding out somehow, which would lead to some Kaidan jealousy, as we saw in the Halloween story. I think that'd be amazing, but even if you don't do that, I have no doubt it'll still be BEYOND amazing, just like Sweet Evil XD
    also, I live in the US

  93. My favourite scene is when Kai was telling Anna about his tattoo! I laughed aloud at that part and for a second I thought people would be looking at me funny when I realised I was alone in my room.

    I'd love to see more of Kai and Anna alone scenes, but also I want to see more of the relationship between Anna and her dad. I'm hoping there would be more funny scenes between Kai and Anna. That would lighten the mood a little sometimes!

    BTW I'm entering as an international citizen! <3

  94. My favorite scene in Sweet Evil was when Anna pushed Kaiden off his chair. I know its kind of mean but it shows that Anna can't only have a sweet and innocent side, she can also have a feisty side that comes out of her if you push her the wrong way. To tell you the truth I never really thought about what I would like to see in the trilogy, all I could think about was getting my hands on the book. But if I had to choose I would have to say I would like to see the Nephilim rise up and come together to defeat their rulers, because lets face it everyone deserves a happy ending don't they?

    I live in the U.S. by the way

  95. My favourite scene was in the hotel when Kaidan restrained himself from sleeping with Anna *swoon*! The writing overall was steamy and engaging, but having him pull away and decide that he couldn't ruin Anna by just having sex with her, when he could wait to get to know her better, made me die a little. Being the fangirl that I am, I want more chemistry and definitely more deets on the Dukes and their affect on the world; something big is coming, and as long as my girl Anna and guy Kaidan are together, we can weather any storm!

    Thank-you for this opportunity, I'm from Canada :)

  96. I have three favorite scenes: the first is the first experience touching-it was very sensual and HOT-T! The second was the part in the store where she commanded him to turn around, i was right there laughing with Anna. the third is the brief moment when she sees him naked in the beginning of chapter 11; it reminded me of the movie "the proposal". Ultimately though i think what i really like about it is how relateable Anna is to myself. I'm from Georgia but closer to Atlanta than Carterville, I have a freckle above my mouth-very cindy crawford/marylin monroe,and i think it's mentioned somewhere that she had brown eyes which i have-if not then i just thought she did. Anna's personality is very similar to my own as well. Sh and i are bth self-sacrificing and empathetic- the half-angel part probably helps though. As for what i'd like to see happen-I want Anna and Kaidan to be endgame which i think they will be but Angst ony goes so far- it'll get ya through the day but in the end knowing they'll be together in the end is what keeps me reading and rereading.

  97. I loved the party scenes, the one at the beginning and the one at the end. The scenes truly show how Anna has grown through her knowledge of what she is and how to cope with it. She is a sweet girl, inside and out, which I can relate to. I was able to relate well with the fact that Anna hd not kissing anyone until she were 16 and the shock that registered whenever someone found out. I was in the same boat. What I liked most of all though was the lake house party and how Kai saved her from making a large mistake. The whole knight and shining armor suites Kai well. The boathouse where she started to put together the pieces of the puzzle, I hid in my room and was determined to finish the book before the sun rose. Bad idea, because then I had to wait even longer for Sweet Peril.

    I also liked the New Year's scene, it was sad and compelling, but the writing was intense and illustrational. I could actually picture myself at the party and the moods of the scene.(PS the rest of the book was very well written, this is just another way to say this was an awesome scene. But it kind of made me hate Kai.....then LOVE him evenmore. Too bad there aren't more guys like him)

    KAI is a wanted man among women and I am one of them. Lets keep him involved as much as possible. Some detours to Europe from his POV would be cool, or even take the whole gang there.

    Kai POV's from the parties would be spectacular, use one of those as your Christmas gift, instead of Chapter 1 from Sweet Peril.
    A masquerade party/something extremely formal, where Kai can be in a tux. *YUM*

    I'm a US resident.

    Happy Holidays!!

  98. Im so jealous of anyone living in the US right now. With how much I loved Sweet Evil, I'm dying to get my hands on Sweet Peril. It's really hard to say which was my favorite scene because I loved ALL scenes, especially the ones with Kai in ;) but I'm a sucker for sad, romantic scenes so I'd go with the scene at the airport and the last one when Anna is driven away.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! You just brightened my holiday.


  99. ...Are we allowed to comment more than once?? Well, I'm gonna do it anyway :) There are so many scenes that I love, my one comment just doesn't seem to do the book justice. So another favorite scene of mine is at the party, when there's all the tension between Anna, Kai, and Kope...this is probably bad, but I LOVED seeing Kai jealous. To me, it just showed how much he really cares for Anna, being that he's usually so composed.
    Thank you Wendy Higgins for this giveaway, like other people, this brightened my holiday:)

    I'm from the U.S.

  100. I guess my favorite part was Anna meeting her dad, she expected this evil demon guy and she ended up getting almost like a teddy bear, who just happened to drink and do drugs!

    From the U.S.

  101. My favorite scene wold have to be when anna finds out she can control your mind, or whatever thats called, but anna and kaidan are at the gas station and she contols him. Hehe, that was funny:) i live in the US. What i wanna see in sweet peril is some more time with kai. And kopano. Oh there soo cute. But maybe no love triangle, i like kope but i like kai WAY more, and suspense with action.

  102. I think I loved everything about Sweet Evil! :) I would love to see more of Kopano in the future, get to know him more, maybe some conflict between him & Kai...
    The jewelry & bookmarks are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    From the US

  103. One of my favorite scenes is when they're driving across country in Kai's car. She asks which place he lived in was his favorite and he says his favorite place is right here in this car with her.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!! I'm really looking forward to the next book!
    And I'm in the US

  104. Ugh, you had to go and ask such a difficult question!!! I had a ton of favorite scenes, and surprisingly they weren't all steamy ones...but I'd have to say what set this book apart from so many others for me was the dynamic with the Dukes and their influence, and how they trained their children in their "work". It was so different from any other angel series, and I loved the fact that Anna isn't the cookie cutter sweet good girl falling in love with the bad boy. So anyway, the point in my rambling is that one of my favorite scenes was when Belial trains Anna by testing her drinking limits; I just loved him as a character, and the whole scene was set up like daddy teaching his little girl how to ride a bike but he SO was not!! =)

    None of this is meant to take away from the fact that Kaidan MUST end up with Anna in some amazing twist of fate that brings them their HEA (no pressure!)...LOL

    Written from the fabulous state of VA. ;-D

  105. First let me start by thanking you for this AMAZING giveaway :D!

    My favorite part about the book is how you incorporated the seven deadly sins! I have to say that this was super original, because I have not read a book that has based their characters on the seven deadly sins. It was fun reading about each characters deadly sin and how it was part of their job.

    I have a ton of favorite scenes :D! My top three Anna and Kaiden scenes are Anna's first encounter with Kaidan, Anna and Kaiden's kiss at the hotel (super swoon), and Anna's and Kaiden's kiss before they go to the meeting.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway and for a great first book in a trilogy. Highly anticipating Sweet Peril :D!
    I'm in the US

  106. My favorite part of the book was when Kaidan and Anna were in the car traveling and they're both laughing so hard and Anna snorts and they just keep laughing HARDER!! I'd love to have that kind of relationship with a guy i like!
    I'd love to see more of these moments because it shows how REAL they are! Love your book and can't wait for the sequel!


  107. I Love the moment when Jay asks Anna to go to the club to listen to Kai's band play his song, and she says she can't because she is having such a hard time getting over Kai and that if there wasn't such a thing called caller ID she would call his phone everyday just to listen to his voice on his answering machine. Such a real moment!

    I Live in the U.S


  108. Dear Wendy!
    Thank you for this book, your writing and ideas are pure awesomeness! My favourite part is between chapter 1 and end of chapter 31! :D I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Can't wait for the next book! It's so far away, but you always think about us and give us POVs or organise something like this giveaway! Thank you!!! :)
    If I have to choose one scene than that's the last one when Anna realises the world is not all black and white, but gray. She is in the game and needs to play her part! It's the best introduction for the Sweet Peril! She knows she will be forced to do a lot of things to save people around her and herself, but I hope she will be able to maintain that essence of her - goodness, kindness, innocence...

    I'm international.

  109. I can't pick a moment in the book which I liked more because the entire book was soooo beautiful :). I enjoyed every page and I'm totally in love with this book. I liked every moment between Anna and Kai but the best scene was the hotel scene :). The book seems so short and I can't wait untin "Sweet Peril" will be out :) I have only a wish: I hope the series will have a good end because I'll be very sad if Anna and Kai won't be together.

    All the best from Romania :)

  110. My favorite scene was when she meet Kaidan for the first time at the concert. I just really loved how he obviously really liked her but she didnt even know who she was. I guess I cant really figure out why that was my favorite scene but it was. I loved the book and cant wait for Sweet Peril!

    ~Sophia (USA)

  111. My favorite scene? You must be joking! Sweet Evil has to be my favorite book within the angels/demons/neph category. But alright, I'll try my best to find a favorite scene. I think... I think either when Anna first meets the other neph and has them in her living room, or when Anna and Kope are in the car on the way to the party. I like Kope, and his bluntness kind of reminds me of myself at times. So when he tells Anna that he likes her and then goes to explain, I think that's my favorite. But it's really hard to tell. Even so, if there is going to be a love triangle in this you can count on me being Team Kope.

    I am US!


    Thanks a bunch, and goodluck with your future books! And I can't wait for Sweet Peril!

    Kaelyn (Kacii)


  112. No I take that back!! My FAVORITE scene was at the New Years party because it was horrible when Anna saw Kai with that girl and then had to go and throw up. I was so mad but kinda sad too. I also didnt like how Jay cheated on veronica. Now that made me mad! Why cant everyone just be happy and bake cakes of sunshine (sexy cakes of sunshine) (with Kaidan) (because anything with Kaiidan is sexy)

  113. I absolutely loved reading Sweet Evil. What I would like to see happen in the trilogy? Well, I want to know what Anna is going to do with the 'vision' (it was on your pinterest board) and the Sword of Righteousness. Will her friends help her? Will she somehow tie the knot between the Nephilim and the Angels? And lastly, Kaidan finally dropping the 'L' word to Anna. Thanks!

    I am International.

  114. My favorite scene in the sweet evil book is when Anna and Kai were eating breakfast at the hotel and Kai hinted at the touch of lime in Annas orange juice, it was funny yet sweet of Kai because of what happened the night before

    I'm in the US

  115. What I would love to see happen in the trilogy would be... a trip with only Kai and Anna as normal couples (with lots of naked Kai moments!) OR Kai and Anna's very own wedding! If that is actually included in the book, I would die a happy woman. :D

    I'm in the US.

  116. My favorite scene from Sweet Evil is when Kai kisses Anna in the alleyway before they go into the summit. It's like he doesn't know what's going to happen so he's not going to deny himself any further.

    I'd like to see Kai and Anna get together (along with every other reader probably...LOL) but I'd like to see the characters happy - however that happens.

    I'm in the US...

  117. I really hope I win!! I LOVE this series!

    1)My favorite part of the book was when Kaidan and Anna were in the car traveling and they're both laughing so hard and Anna snorts and they just keep laughing HARDER!! I'd love to have that kind of relationship with a guy i like!
    2)I'd love to see more of these moments because it shows how REAL they are! Love your book and can't wait for the sequel!

    Love the series!
    And Turtles!!!!!

  118. i really really hope i win i just love sweet evil
    so my favorite part of the book was the road trip because it seemed real between them and at the hotel when kaiden holds back, i thought that was soooo sweet.
    In the next book i would really like to see alot more of kaiden.

    I live in the USA, and my email is erikaenriquez258@gmail.com

  119. My favorite part in Sweet Evil would have to be where Anna First meets here dad in the prison. Even though they have never formally met they already have a great connection and love each other anyways. She looks past him being in jail and all the things he has done because he's her dad and she loves im.

    USA!!!! bmburk13@yahoo.com

  120. My favorite part of Sweet Evil is when Kai and Anna are on the road trip. They're laughing together about stories that have happened to them, like any other normal couple. Not on a life or death road trip to find out Anna's destiny.

    In Sweet Peril I'd love to see Kai and Anna reunite and see the entire Nephilim group work together to help Anna. In the end, I want Anna and Kai to be together through thick and thin.

    I am in the US. abzweigle[at]yahoo[com]

  121. Before I start my entry I just want to thank you Wendy, for answering my email and getting my hopes up because I can still enter. I love the fact the I have the chance to win something that was created because of the Sweet series. One of the best novels that I have ever read. You did an amazing job Wendy! (:

    Okay. Well, I chose to write about my favorite part/scene in the book. I'm almost positive that I'll be the only one to have this as my favorite scene. And it would have to be the very end when Anna receives the postcard that we assumed was from Kaidan. The one that said only two words, 'I'm Sorry'.

    That was my favorite scene in the entire novel because its a huge cliffhanger that allows our minds to wander and think about what is going to happen next. Is Anna going to see Kai again? If so, when? Or will they be separated forever? So many questions run through your mind and you just want to know the answers. Just like many other moments throughout Sweet Evil, we can also feel so many different emotions that are going through Anna at that moment in time. It allows you to open up and actually think and feel the way that she is.

    I live in Canada.

  122. Dear Ms.Wendy Higgins,
    First I would like to tell you that Sweel Evil is my favorite
    book of all time. And I have read many books and I feel that Sweet Evil
    is the very best. My copy of Sweet Evil is torn and battered from all of the times I have lent it to my friends. I have read Sweet Evil (no joke) about ten times. I just love it soo much and I just wanted to tell you that.

    My favorite scene from Sweet Evil was when Anna made Kai spin around!!

    I live in Texas!!

  123. Let me first start with that I LOVE THIS BOOK!!Im not gonna lie I've read this book about 6 times now. Anyways FAVORITE part of the book is when Anna and Kaiden are about to have sex. Not because of the sex part but because of the about. I think that this part in the book shows just how much both Kaiden and Anna have changed. Also I think it was sweet what Kaiden did about the whole situation, and I thought that Anna was just about ready to go through with it. Honestly I was sad when Kaiden dropped her off at the airport, but it showed how strong Anna had gotten by just walking away and not looking back.

    What I would like to see happen in the Trilogy?? Ummmmm......Honestly I would really like to see Anna and Kopano get together and then have Kaiden just come out of no where and start a fight with Kopano. Even tho Im all for Kaiden and Anna I think it would be cool to see Anna start to fall for Kopano and Kaiden ruin it all. But Im just going to leave it all to Wendy Higgins and I know she is going to leave me speechless.

    I Live In Maryland.

  124. It is really hard to pick one part of the book because it is all so awesome! Well the part that made me smile the most was when kai dared anna to kiss kope and she flipped him in his chair.
    In the future I would like to see kai suffer a little and by that i mean have him see anna happy without him or to make it better with kope! ;)
    Im from the U.S.A.

  125. Wendy as you know I am HUGE fan of you books!!! You have such an amazing way of grabbing a reading and keeping them sucked in. I find myself thinking about these characters like they are my long lost friend...sad I know. :) But they are all so real and I would have to attribute that to your incredible writing!! It's really hard to pick a favorite scene. So I will have to go with what I'd like to see happen in the trilogy. Of course I want so badly for Kai and Anna to have their HEA!! But I want that for all of them. I would love to see Anna's dad finally heal too and not have to pretend to be something he's not.

    As you know I am in the US :)

    Thanks for the awesome contest!