Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Booktacular

Happy October, everyone!

I'm taking part in a Halloween Character Booktacular, and I've decided to write the Halloween scene from Kaidan's point of view!  Kaidan will retrace his steps back to that final night in L.A. with Anna on the road trip, so we'll be diving deeper into his mind than ever before. I hope you will enjoy it, because it will be the last Kai scene I'll get to write for a while.  I'm deep into edits for book two (Sweet Peril), soon-to-be edits on a contemporary novella ebook (Toys), and beginning writing book three (Sweet Reckoning).  Eeeep!!!

You can visit the wonderful Savannah's blog, Books With Bite, to read the exclusive Halloween scene, and win signed Sweet Evil bookmarks!  After this event I will make the scene available here on my blog as well.  :)

Also, here is the newly revised cover for the Halloween Kai scene.  :)

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  1. Just a few more hours! Can't wait <3

  2. hehehe I LOVE Wade as a vamp!!! He is so sexy!!!! I so can't wait!!!

  3. And what a sexy vampire he makes!!!


  4. I am excited!

    Good luck with all the writing and editing. (:

  5. Thank you for providing us fans with the wonderful Halloween seen from Kai's POV. I loved it. You've reminded me what it's like to read a truly good story. Just when I've moved on from the characters, you've got me missing them again lol. Can't wait for Sweet Peril!!

    -- Sam @ SIK Book Reviews

  6. Wow!!! Loved it! Thank you so much. I am so excited for another installment. Kai is such a stud. It might be time to reread Sweet Evil again. :)

  7. I love your books so much much and I am so mad about what happens at the end with Kaiden and Anna. Please keep him sexy at all times in the book Sweet Hope. Oh, by the way my friend told me you had already written the book but it was the publishers who want to release it later?

  8. Ok he looks way hotter than on the cover of Sweet Evil! lol. No offense to that cover picture. I can't wait for the novella or Sweet Peril. :-)I love Halloween, and love it even more now.