Friday, August 17, 2012

Cool Contest & Blog Tour! Get YOUR Name in SWEET HOPE

The beautiful Danny at Bewitched Bookworms came to me last month offering to host the most incredible blog contest.  It's been going on all month, and though I've been Tweeting and posting about it on Facebook, I really want to get this information out there because there are only FIVE MORE DAYS TO ENTER before round one of voting begins.  Eeep!  Fans are being given an opportunity to have a character from the Sweet Evil sequel named after them!  I have a few secondary characters in mind...all I need is a name!

All you have to do is design a mock-up cover for the sequel, Sweet Hope.  It's just for fun, of course.  You don't need to have design experience.  Just find an non-copyrighted picture and use something like to add text.  What do you have to lose?  :-)

Here is the contest link! Come check out the entries so far, and get yours in right away!

I'm feeling the love these days, guys.  Along with Danny's contest, I had the sweet Amber from Fall Into Books approach me with a request to host a blog tour to amp sales for Sweet Evil as a way to help the sequel get picked-up.  I was floored by the number of people who signed up to be part of this event!  Check here for the tour dates. There are TONS of fun interviews with our boy, Kai.  :-)

Good luck, and big hugs,

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  1. I think I have to give up on this contest, so very very sadly! I've tried for hours but I just don't have the know-how or a program to make a cover :( Very sad indeed. But excited to see what other people come up with! Maybe I'll just put together an easy-peasy cover and perhaps by some stupid miracle people would love it lol. Just wish I had some more talent for this!! :)

    The Book Addict's Guide

    1. Awww, Brittany! I know it's so hard! And seriously, we just want you to find a pic that captures the essence of the story for you. I'm NO good at graphics or any of that fancy stuff either, so I know your frustration. Good luck if you have another go at it! *hugs*

  2. Thank you! I think I'll just try to mess with one of my pictures a little bit. I'd really like to enter a little something instead of nothing! :) Thanks for the encouragement :) :) :)

  3. Good luck with the blog tour! Looks like it's going to keep you busy. And I LOVE this contest idea- so very cool!

  4. Im hoping for a miracle with my covers too. I have soo many ideas in my head but cant find any pictures that are like my ideas. Would be so much easier if i could draw :(