Saturday, June 16, 2012

Final Round of Voting!

Cover Remake Contest (actual covers shown directly below each entry):

After 24 hours of quickfire voting in the first round, we've narrowed our entries from 25 down to 8!!!  I am going to leave the voting open until Monday evening (10PM-Eastern).  Winners will be announced Tuesday.  :-)

Voting Rules:

~ Everyone should vote for TWO
~ Anyone can vote! Including the contestants and authors of the "remade" books
~ No "anonymous" or "unknown" votes will be counted

Contestants - I urge you to flog this contest - tell everyone you know to come vote!  Post the link on Twitter, FB, etc.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!  I want voters to know that all but one of these entries is a picture taken by the entrant, or of the entrant! One played around with a cool stock image she found, while the others did their own "special effects," modeling, and graphics. I'm beyond impressed by all eight of these finalists.  Big hugs to each of you!

Entry #1 - On the Fringe

Entry #2 - February Flowers

Entry #3 - Delirium ARC

Entry #4 - Hex Hall

Entry #5 - Venom

Entry #6 - Entwined

Entry #7 - Heist Society

Entry #8 - Imaginary Girls

Wow.  I love these SO much.  How do we pick just two?
Good luck - and thanks for voting!  Check back Tuesday for the winners.  :)

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