Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Contest Entries!

It's Time to Vote!!!!  

Wow, wow, WOW!  You all have blown me away. Amazing. I was giddy each time I found an entry in my inbox.  I loved hearing the stories that went with the pictures. :)  I think all but three of the entries were actually pictures taken by you, or of you - some people used stock photos found online. Some people used graphics, and some people got creative with props. One girl put on her beautiful Debs gown (that's like a prom gown) and had her boyfriend chase her around her family's Irish farmland taking pictures, lol. And guys, there was even an underwater shoot! Many entrants had to enlist the help of friends and family - thank you to all who helped. I know this contest was a group effort, and you've all been such wonderful sports about it.

Remember, entrants were supposed to do a sort of "copy cat" version of the original cover with their own special flare, so it IS meant to resemble it.  They were NOT meant to come up with something completely new and different.  It was not required for the title to be on the pictures.

Rules for Voting:

~ You may each vote for TWO entries
~ Contestants CAN vote (for your own or another if you choose) but please don't say which entry is yours! I want voting to be as unbiased as possible.
~ Anonymous votes will not be accepted

(Entries will appear first.  Actual covers are shown directly below the entries.)

Entry #1 - Cinder

Entry #2 - February Flowers

Entry #3 - Glitch

Entry #4 - Stargirl

Entry #5 - A Want So Wicked

Entry #6 - Chain Reaction

Entry #7 - Die For Me

Entry #8 - Divergent

Entry #9 - Hereafter

Entry #10 -  Wishing For Someday Soon

Entry #11 - Twilight

Entry #12 - Darkride

Entry #13 - Entwined

#14 - Delirium ARC

Entry #15 - Skin Deep

#16 - Hex Hall

Entry #17 - Venom

Entry #18 - Heist Society

Entry #19 - Everlasting

Entry #20 - Twilight 

Entry #21 - Sweet Evil

Entry #22 - Innocent Darkness

Entry #23 - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Entry #24 - Imaginary Girls

Entry #25 - On the Fringe

Just for fun (not an entry) - Sweet Evil parody  :)

Just for fun - short video rendition of On the Fringe:

Get your friends to vote!  Contestants, contact the authors of the books you "recreated" and see if they'll vote!  :)  Good luck, everyone!

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