Friday, February 10, 2012

And the Love Interest's Name is...?

(Thank you to everyone who voted!  Results at bottom of post.)

Okay, peeps, I need your help.  I've written a book set in Ireland called See Me, and it's just about ready to submit to my agent!  (You can read more about it HERE.) The problem is, I've run into a snag.  The name I chose for the love interest is, in fact, Irish (Dean); however, it's not as "old" as he is.  I need an older Gaelic/Celtic name.  I've narrowed down the ones I like, but I am notoriously indecisive.  This is where you come in.

I don't want to give away too much about this special guy, but I will tell you that he's a red head. And I dare you to say red headed boys cannot be hot, because you would be mistaken.  :)  I spent two years of my teenhood being head over heels for a red headed boy.  *sigh*  SO CUTE.  And if you still don't believe me, here is further proof...

This is how I envision him, the shade of hair and all. His name is Stefano Masciolini.

And that brings us to the names.  My friends and I narrowed it down to four.  Please leave a comment telling me which you prefer. 


I've decided to use BOTH names in the novel! One for the love interest, and one for her sister's love interest.  :-)  Very excited to revise and make these changes - thank you for your help!!!
Big, squishy hugs,

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