Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm so excited to show you the cover that I've fallen in love with!  HarperTeen has done it again. I think it captures the essence of Sweet Evil, especially the dark vs. light elements. Love, love, LOVE!

So, without further ado...enjoy.  :)

The thing I like about Anna's pose is that it shows she's shy, unsure, and self-conscious, while her facial expression depicts her inner strength. 
Kaidan in the background is dark, mysterious, and confident (and, dare I say, HOTT?). 
And if you can't tell from the cover, I'll warn you up front: 
THIS IS A LOVE STORY.  Albeit a dark one.
Still...romance haters beware. Much kissing may or may not ensue...

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What are YOUR Colors Saying?

(Thank you Evie J for this beautiful picture!)

As we near the time when the cover for Sweet Evil will be revealed (this week???) and ARCs will begin to print and circulate, I want to introduce you to my main character, Anna Whitt.  Ultimately, she's far more "sweet" than anything else.  She's the kind of girl most of us would like to have as a least I would.

Anna has many special abilities, but I think my favorite is her ability to see and feel the emotions emitted by people around her. "Auras" if you will. With her angel heritage, Anna is intuitive, sensitive, and extremely aware of others. I consulted aura charts while researching for the story, and while I've stuck close to a traditional aura chart, I took some liberties to make certain adjustments to fit the story. I'd like to share with you the color chart for Sweet Evil. Enjoy, and I'll be in touch soon, hopefully with something a bit more exicting for your viewing pleasure...

AURAS (Color/Meaning/Distinctions)

Pink - Love - Lighter pink represents comfortable, familial love, while darker, hot pink represents passionate love

Red - Lust

Yellow - Happiness - Buttery, pale yellow represents contentment, while brighter yellow represents joy

Orange - Excitement

Pale Green - Gratitude

Dark Green - Envy

Lavender - Peace

Dark Purple - Pride (boastful)

Pale Blue - Hope, Relief

Dark Blue - Saddness, Grief

Grays/Browns - Negativity - Shades of gray depend on the severity of the emotion. Light, hazy gray represents mild negative emotions, such as embarrassment and irritation. Medium gray represents harsher negative emotions, such as shame, guilt, fear, and anger. Dark gray (nearing black) represents deeper negative emotion, such as fury and depression

I hope you're feeling colorful tonight, friends!


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