Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Debut Book Birthday - Carrier of the Mark

Well, well, well...lookie what I found on the shelf at Barnes and Noble today!!!  I had to tell the associates (loudly) that I knew the author, partly because I was so darned proud of her, and partly because I didn't want them to wonder why this crazy woman was taking pictures. So fun!

Aaaand this is what happens when you have your two-year-old son take the picture, LOL.

I just want to let Leigh know that I'm celebrating her here in Virginia. Leigh has been like a big sister and mentor to me during these early months in the publishing game. When you sign a publishing contract with the big folk, you don't exactly get a welcome packet explaining how it's all going to work. You just have to take it day by day, largely in the dark. Thankfully I've been able to turn to Leigh, the first Inkpop.com author to be acquired by HarperCollins, with my myriad of questions and insecurities. Thank you, Leigh! And congratulations!!!  :)

On a different note, for those who are wondering where I'm at in the process with Sweet Evil, I've been told ARCs will be out late fall, probably November (please contact HarperCollins directly if you're interested), and the cover will likely be revealed between now and then. I have not seen it yet. (*dies slow death from anticipation*)  Thanks for checking in! 


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